Smol Red K39v2 Build - specs in comments

2021.09.27 09:25 MichaelTheTall Smol Red K39v2 Build - specs in comments

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2021.09.27 09:25 willdoanythingforsoy An in-depth look at bees, whether they feel pain, and whether they're sentient

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2021.09.27 09:25 hanzzehistorian Hi

Do you guys think that we might get raid Raptors now that arv-v comes out
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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.09.27 09:25 spectacleskeptic In appreciation of Ava

One of the most compelling female characters in TV history. When we first meet Ava, I love how unapologetic she was in the shooting of Bowman--she did what she had to do to save herself and take control of her life. I did not understand how she ended up with Boyd after making her disgust of him well-known, but I was still rooting for her. She killed Delroy to save Ellen May--and I never thought she deserved to go to prison for that. Her treatment of Ellen May after that, however, was her lowest point, but, ultimately, Ava could not kill Ellen May and I think that's when her redemption truly began.
I don't think her prison subplot was needless filler. I think in prison, Ava internalized that she could not count on anyone else to save her. Her life outside of prison proved that--she was mistreated and controlled by both Boyd and Raylan. So, in an echo of the first season, she did what she had to do to save herself and take control of her life.
It was truly beautiful.
As an aside, I will say that I adored the Raylan and Ava friendship and was sorely disappointed when they barely interacted between seasons 2 and 5. Raylan's treatment of Ava during this time was so cold and hurtful, almost as though they shared no history. So when they had that moment in the kitchen in season 6 where they kissed, I got goosebumps and began to tear up.
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2021.09.27 09:25 itsmesamwilco Looking for beta testers - Crypto based Fintech Application

Astralis was founded with the goal to simplify the way we interact and use cryptocurrencies. The Astralis application combines traditional financial services with cryptocurrencies to provide an easy way to use and benefit from digital assets. Now access multiple currency accounts and invest all in one place. Money has never been this easy.
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2021.09.27 09:25 LITTELHAWK Got It Did LFG! 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.09.27 09:25 CronoDroid Girls Planet 999 - Episode 9 (Preview) (Air Date: 210930)

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2021.09.27 09:25 einemnes Android App rewards suddenly not working

I recently updated my phone's September security patch. I don't know if its related or not, but when I go to rewards, the loading icon stays still and nothing happens, sometimes appears the pop up of "open your mistery gift" and nothing else. I deleted cache and reinstalled but stay with that problem. Anyone else is encountering the problem? I just found it in the rewards screen (but havent dug much tbh).
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2021.09.27 09:25 losttemplesbot RT @DharmaTradition: Dharma; Dharma is a vast subject to talk about. Dharma has misunderstood as religion by many people who don't have an…

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2021.09.27 09:25 maddishonesty60 Maddy Belle nude show cubby cunt

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2021.09.27 09:25 singularityindenial Max number of createrus - will my income rate decrease if I store some?

I've hit the max number of roaming creatures, so each time I can add a new one, one of my penguins gets stored. With each new penguin you get 150% increase of production rate of coins and hearts. I have some event creatures that I'd like to be on my island, if I store more of my already hatched penguins, will that 150% bonus go away? Or is it trigerred just by obtaining a new penguin, not it actually being out on the island?
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2021.09.27 09:25 ans-human Word chain

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2021.09.27 09:25 Puzzleheaded_Ant_258 Boost 4 boost

Boost 4 boost
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2021.09.27 09:25 Schpaghetti-monster 18[M4A] anyone wanna chat before I go to sleep?

Anyone wanna talk about anything really, just don’t be dry :p
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2021.09.27 09:25 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 09:25 BumBum150 I don’t want to go sky diving

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2021.09.27 09:25 52whale After spending a short time on this subreddit, I can't normally see that sentence from Fallout 3 anymore

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2021.09.27 09:25 Toogeloo You ever try parrying in Master and the boss is like, "lol, nope!"?

I've had it on two different bosses now (Wood Knight and Sprout Captain) where I successfully Parry, but the boss recovers pretty much immediately and hits me regardless lol.
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2021.09.27 09:25 ononothimagen Dianna Agron [2008 x 3000]

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2021.09.27 09:25 ChadBenson99 I thank the person who made this post, I really like it

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2021.09.27 09:25 newtofloaters14 Uneven shoulders, misaligned thoracic spine

I have a muscular imbalance with uneven shoulders, muscle tension on the left + nerve pain and a thoracic spine that’s slightly curved to the left. I also have a straight neck due to bad posture over time. I got into a chiropractic injury in November 2020 where a chiropractor “bent” my spine instead of cracking the spine.
I’m looking to see if chiropractic care can treat uneven shoulders along with resolving this nerve interference on the neck.
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2021.09.27 09:25 SzegedNewsBotka Közúti mérés Szegeden

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2021.09.27 09:25 zabuton78 A Guide to Starting Weiss Schwarz with Hololive!

Hey guys, you may have seen me share this on Discord/Facebook/Twitter already, but I've decided to put it on Reddit too for more visibility. I've also updated to have link to this subreddit as I see there's an active community here too.
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2021.09.27 09:25 Diablo-Immortal21 What axe to put?I have 35 lvl frenzy barb and very weak axes. Do i need runeword and axe naga with 2/3 socket or other axes?

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