[W] 1 KOR GVM code set [H] $35 Nintendo eShop gift card

2021.09.27 08:11 nooblesoup_ [W] 1 KOR GVM code set [H] $35 Nintendo eShop gift card

Hello, looking to trade this eShop gift card for 1 KOR GVM set if there are still any around.
my reference.
thanks in advance!
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2021.09.27 08:11 TheWolfish Relaxed Aussie PvX Company on Yama server

First off we're a small Company at the moment (around 15 currently) looking to be a medium sized Company that want to try out everything this game has to offer and with more of an emphasis on hanging out and helping each other out.

If you'd like to join then just leave a comment or message me either here or on Discord: Dae#1607 and I will send you a Discord invite.
If you live outside of Australia and NZ you're still very welcome to join. Just know that this is an English Company.
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2021.09.27 08:11 Ihsnet Do you want a cursed coffee?

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2021.09.27 08:11 Opeth1988 Covid-19 Surpasses 1918 Flu to Become Deadliest Pandemic in American History

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2021.09.27 08:11 githmin Direct Mining Vs Nicehash after transfer fees

I have been mining on nicehash since I got started but i have gathered well enough knowledge to mine directly on a pool. I have about 80Mhs (3060 Nerf + Rx6600xt) currently And i withdraw once every month to pay electricity and ROI (Took a loan to pay for the card since it was worth it to me) and I was wondering if its worth it to mine eth directly and pay transfer fees (2 ETH transfers to withdraw) to withdraw or if nicehash (only one BTC transfer) is the way to go in my situation. Is direct mining eth profitable enough to switch to that?
TLDR: Currently Mining on Nicehash,Is it worth switching to direct eth mining after paying fees for transfers? Is direct mining that much more profitable than nicehash?
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2021.09.27 08:11 CaffeineFueledLife My Cat is a Moron

I adopted Connor and Murphy from my aunt when they were about 3 months old. I've had them for 5 years. They're both incredibly lovey and snuggly and want attention all the time. It's great.
Murphy is kind of a moron. Just randomly, he'll freak out or get the zoomies or some shit and just go nuts. Tonight, for whatever reason, it happened. He was snoozing on the couch and all of a sudden, he jumped up, leapt to the top of the couch, ran across the room, jumped up on the divider between the living room and dining room, jumped down, ran up and down the hall, jumped up on the cat tree, and went back to sleep.
My 16 month old daughter caught a claw to the forehead. Just a tiny puncture mark, but it bled. I have a 1 inch scratch on my leg.
It wasn't malicious. He's just a moron. Ffs, dude, chill!
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2021.09.27 08:11 heinaga1989 MysteryAtom ⚛️ | New $atoms Reflections Based Token | Stealth Launching Soon | Active Dev and Team in Telegram 👍 | Name Will be Revealed at Launch 🤐

MysteryAtom will be stealth launching under its new name at launch.
Why is the project a “mystery?” 🤨 - The Team has decided that it’s one of the best ways to prevent snipers from finding our contract early. This makes it the most fair for all investors, as the name will not be disclosed until launch. This ensures that NOBODY will be able to find the contract early and the launch will be fair for everyone 🤝 .
- Our main goal when deciding to make our launch “mystery” was to negate bots and snipers as best as possible ❌. We are fully aware that bots and snipers ruin projects, so we are taking as much precaution possible to make sure we have none.
- Tokenomics, supply, max buy/sell, max wallet and initial liquidity will all be announced at launch to make sure snipers/bots don’t have an upper hand at launch 👍.
- Our team hates snipers and bots even more than investors do and we will do everything in our power to ensure we have ZERO bots or snipers at launch ⚔️.
Why should you join our Project? - Our project is 100% safu ✅ - We’re a trusted and experienced team on the BSC network 👨‍💻 - Our marketing is strategic and timed very well - Our tokenomics will include $atoms reflections, but also a buy back + burn function to keep the chart healthy, while increasing the value per token over time 📈. - Contract will be verified at launch - Liquidity will also be locked at launch 🔒
Key Info 🔑:
Contract, website and twitter: This will all be announced at launch to ensure we don’t leak any key details that will give away our contract.
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2021.09.27 08:11 Yured_PrinceofSmiles I was told to put this here. Ladies and gentlemen, the outcome of the war:

The One-Battle War
Alduin and Grimm waited patiently on the battlefield that Labyrinthian was about to become, embracing the stillness that made their allies tremble. There was a stench carried by the air; a stench of rotten iron and dirty wealth, of industrial carelessness and unshackled ambition. It was not from the Techno Union’s uncountable legions, nor was it the cinders of Aldrich and Yhorm. It was a Chaos-Stench, a living pollution that had given the collective, metaphorical face of the Amygdalae a smug, stubborn grin.
Both Alduin and his companion in scarlet dress couldn’t wait to wipe it from that face.
The Lord Amygdala’s warships rode out, suited not for sea or land but for sky and the Aether; they levitated several feet off the ground and, with their boxy and porous nature, resembled rusted metal sponges. From pipes in the backs and bellies of the machines jetted out violently the fumes of Chaos Fires that kept the ships running, and through the pores and sturdy, dark glass, Alduin, with his keen Dovah eyes, could see Amygdalae toiling tirelessly and passionately within.
“This is your last chance, false savior!” A voice from the largest ship boomed out on a speaker. “Cease your attempts to ‘rescue’ the Pthumerians and I will let you go free and forgiven. We can carry on with our lives an-“
Loran squinted with every last one of his eyes as he said, “Do my people look enslaved? Do my people look dead? Alduin, you have an ally who crafts patchwork creatures that have never been alive! The Techno Union’s famed philosophy is, ‘Where there’s a whip, there’s a way!’ Even the good-hearted Ivory King led his nights and himself to enslavement to the Old Chaos’s rule!”
Alduin scoffed at the desperate attempt at comparison. “Many of Grimm’s servants are indeed crafted, yes, but there are some from the outside who joined the Troupe. Their lives are lived in luxury, and they get to see more lands in a decade than many others of their people would ever see in their lives! The Techno Union, led by Sauron, are advancement-driven leaders and beings of immense knowledge! And the Knights of Forossa followed their King, from what I can tell, willingly into the heart of the power you now control.
“Oh, but do pray tell, great Liberator, how you plan to end tyranny once and for all? Does it involve executing yourself?”
The Loran Amygdala grumbled to himself: “Wanna know what it involves? I’ll tell you what involves, you glorified, soul-infested lizard…” and shamelessly opened fire on his opponents. His subjects and allies followed suit, and the battle began.
The first to clash blades were the Techno Union and Dagoth with those who fought with him in the last war; they knew each other’s moves and were constantly trying to surprise and outdo the other.
Grimm, many strong members of his Troupe, Aldrich, Yhorm and the Nameless King came to fight against the Claws of Loran, an elite Amygdalan force that served as the round table knights of the Chaos Spires. Aldrich fought against an Amygdalan knight who was overgrown with clouded, grey crystals and moved gliding with a pile of glimmering, scabby salt at its feet. Yhorm fought against an armored Amygdala whose arms and legs were separated yet seemingly connected invisibly at the joints and whose face was obscured by a decorated, pale mask. Grimm, himself, fought an Amygdala composed of sludgy brine and the living corpses of tainted children, all of which worked in tandem to attempt to bring the God-demon of Fear itself down. The Nameless King and his companion had the rare chance, however, of fighting Loran’s greatest ally; Dagoth Ur himself. Red streams of Sorcerous, murky energies and fiery spheres that did more damage with impact than the fire itself, and an intimidating mask that caught the sunlight in ways that shouldn’t have been possible. Needless to say, the fight between the two was legendary.
But on the highest peak close to Labyrinthian, one could see only a dark miasma where great beings fought; and through flashes of intense light, there could be seen the silhouettes of a soul-eater dragon and a mad sorcerer god fighting for peace and power, respectively.
“You cannot halt the ambition of the Oppressed, Alduin!” The Loran Amygdsla shouted to his enemy. “The Amygdalae shall inherit the Cosmos, for We are the Meek!”
Alduin argued against this as he moved in, talons bared. “Your people may have once been weak, but it is not so anymore. Your better judgements have been clouded; you have turned bitter and prejudiced, and your reverent people follow SUIT!” Alduin’s last word was punctuated by a swipe of his talons.
Loran blocked with his catalyst. “I only wish for what is best for my people; if that means harming others and conquering viciously, then so be it.” The flaming tyrant leaped at Alduin with a flaming catalyst, ready to cast a devastating spell.
“And I have little reason to disagree with that. However…” Alduin paused to dodge Loran’s strike, which left a large and sharply-angled crater where it hit. “…You have overstepped your bounds. You thought that you could defeat one such as I, the Firstborn of Akatosh, the Eater of Worlds, and King of Dovah…” the World-eater’s throat vibrated with a whispering, screeching fire as he prepared to release pure energy upon his opponent.
“…And you thought wrong.”
The battle raged on for many hours, from the grey morning of Labyrinthian to the poisoned, swirling midnight of carelessly polluting Amygdalan warfare. The peak on which Alduin and Loran fought had begun to degrade at an alarming rate. Nobody seemed to notice this degradation until…
A strike like thunder, so great and terrible that it could have turned every last being in the battle to salt. There were casualties among the ordinary mortals, but any gods or greater men were able to avoid the rocks that were the now-obliterated mountain. Once the rocks started to slow in their movement, the shape of Loran emerged, crawling weakly from the debris. His catalyst was split in two and he was too weak to notice a black dragon swooping down from above to see what became of the Great and Terrible Lord Amygdala.
Alduin lay his talons on Loran, pinning him. “So, here we are, Amygdala,” he said with a victorious tone. “I have struck you down and you lay, dying, in the rubble of a mountain that I have destroyed simply to make your defeat all the more… crushing.”
“Forget not, Dovah,” the Lord wheezed out, “that I loosened it for you!” Weak chuckling followed for a while after that, until the acidic oils of Aldrich’s terribly divine flesh brushed up against the mad sorcerer’s face.
“Your enduring pride has carried you through many trials;” the God-Eater whispered, “You have been a Martyr, a trickster; a God, a warlord; a Priest, a sorcerer. But now your pride is your enemy. It endures, and you have not learned your limits. I shall teach you…”
Just as thousands of toothy pores appeared to start devouring the fallen Amygdala, a red light appeared; Eddol, bride of Loran and Queen of the Chaos Spires, had been watching and waiting in case her lover had lost his war. She embraced him quickly, blasted Aldrich backwards, eliciting Deep screeches from the dark prophet, and vanished with Loran back to the Spires.
Alduin looked up and realized that all who had survived the war were watching. The Dovah-king looked upon the battlefield, upon all the faces of allies and enemies alike.
Then he let out a grand roar, a roar of dominance and victory. It rang throughout Labyrinthian and went beyond, and it was responded to by a mix of cheers and murmurs of disapproval.
Alduin had won.
And Loran had lost.
Falling upon the floor of his grand palace, he looked at his broken catalyst. It would be difficult to mend, but the Chaos within remained intact.
Loran looked out of his window at the city below, where his people lived and spoke. What would they think of him? Would they hate him? Forgive him? Forget that his loss ever happened?
Loran let out a horrible cry of rage and sorrow. It was a cry that had been heard by all those in his palace; it was a cry that had been heard by the spires below; but the one who most intently listened to it was History itself, for such a cry deserves never to be forgotten.
Amygdalae: 75,308/100,000 Corprus Soldiers: uncounted/uncounted Ganondorf lackeys: 87,065/100,000
Dovah: 32/100 Grimmkin: 4,657/10,000 Techno Legions (Nazgûl, Mutants, etc.): 653,762/1,000,000 Aldrich Faithful: 2,854/10,000
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2021.09.27 08:11 SkMarKus1 Así es señores es la misma persona 🧐😜

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2021.09.27 08:11 One-Wave4537 I think my boyfriend(M 17) will break up with me(F 17) today.

I know that many will think I am too young to worry about this stuff, but it still hurts. I just please ask for advice on how to deal with it if it happens. He is an amazing guy and I love him so much but I just don't understand how I failed. I really wish I could do something to go back in time when I felt his love. I really have no one to talk to about this, my friends most likely will take it as as joke and I do not want to tell my parents.
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2021.09.27 08:11 Jansten TVGP Episode 727: Error: Pulled Pork

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2021.09.27 08:11 stevo4mb Just a Canadian looking for some short term chat..

27m Canadian. New to the whole chat thing.. looking for a brief encounter.
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2021.09.27 08:11 nuttyak2taps Crate Locations Pre-Marked? (Aftershocks)

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2021.09.27 08:11 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 08:11 PretendSpread6 [H] Mango Languages One year Subscriptions or Upgrades [W] $5 PayPal/BTC

Are you bored in the quarantine? .Want to do something productive? My service gives you a 1 year subscription to Mango Languages, a language learning app.
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Delivery time:1H-12H
Validity: 1 Year
Price: $4.99
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2021.09.27 08:11 valdezie74 The first cobalt I've produced and her mom

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2021.09.27 08:11 KimchiMagician The Sweater and Necklace in this photo

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2021.09.27 08:11 Jamestheladd Light not turning on and console wont turn off

Hey there, I just got a used OG today and first thing I noticed was the light around the eject button wasn’t coming on, everything else works fine aside from the fact it’s been soft modded (UnleashX) as well when I go to turn the console off I have to unplug because the power button just won’t turn it on or off. Any suggestions to help with fixing these, I’ve tried google but that seems to have no answers.
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2021.09.27 08:11 legacyironbladeworks (News story) Blacksmith non-profit group on Vancouver Island builds on legacy of historic trade

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2021.09.27 08:11 golden_spear Sandy Tara and Gene 💫

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2021.09.27 08:11 pickel_mic Am I fucked….???

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2021.09.27 08:11 HrishiDere Day 1 and its 96 days left for 2022

Trying this for the next 96 days hope to learn something new from this challenge. Doing this because I am bored with PA and want something new in my life.
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2021.09.27 08:11 BloomingEssays [hire me] ACADEMIC WRITER

I have over a decade’s worth of experience as an academic writer with excellent knowledge in formatting and referencing styles (MLA, APA, HAVARD, and CHICAGO). Additionally, I provide plagiarism free and timely work and I am available round the clock. I am proficient in English (Composition and Literature), History, Business, Criminology, Political Science, Nursing, Law, and Psychology among many other disciplines. I work on research and term papers, proposals, course work, dissertations, online classes, application essays, creative writing, and other assignments. Also, I provide rewriting, editing, and proofreading services. I look forward to hearing from you. My email address is bloomingessays@gmail.com.
Kind Regards
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2021.09.27 08:11 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 08:11 Wanderous Deceased neighbor's retaining wall is collapsing into my yard; town office won't/can't help. What's the deal?

So, my home is built on the side of a small mountain. One side of my property is bordered by another plot of land that is about 1.5 meters higher in elevation, and separated by an old stone retaining wall. The owner of that property is deceased, as well as their daughter (who was something like 85 when she passed). I have been keeping it clear of brush and bamboo now for years, and it has been a significant and perpetual pain in my ass since I moved here.
Last month after the heavy rains, a portion of this retaining wall -- unfortunately right next to one of my buildings -- began to buckle and collapse. I ended up digging out about a dumptruck's worth of soil that washed down into my yard. The wall is still in tact, but it's just a matter of time. In addition to that section, there are multiple other portions that need some serious TLC.
I went to the town office, and not only am I fifty meters outside of the "zone" that qualifies for financial aid for repairing retaining walls, I am actually not legally able to repair this wall because it's past my property lines. The town office is also not legally able to touch it, and furthermore, they're not even legally able to disclose who technically owns the land now! They referred me to third-party companies that might be able to track down that information for me (at a cost).
The ONLY thing they said they could do is send someone out to shovel the dirt that washed into my yard. So helpful! /s Pissed, we took them up on that offer, only for them to call us back and say that actually, they're not even legally able to do that, sorry!
I asked them what happens if this wall collapses and buries half my house. They apologized and said that, even then, it's not a city problem and it's out of their hands.
Is this a "Japanese local government sucks" thing, or do I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how city offices work? Because it seems ridiculous to me that their hands are completely tied. In America, I guess the response would be "sue them," but I hardly ever hear of suing here, and doing so would definitely cause drama with my very small elderly community.
So, what's my recourse here? If I spend the money and time to track down the line of inheritance, I can guarantee you that whoever that is won't be helping pay for fixing this out of the goodness of their heart. At the most, I can only hope that they give ME permission to pay for fixing THEIR wall.
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