Easy to understand games for someone on the autism spectrum?

2021.09.27 08:53 ozlass1111 Easy to understand games for someone on the autism spectrum?

I hope this question is okay for this sub, if not please feel free to redirect me.
I have an autistic brother (he is 28) and I am looking out for more tabletop games that have simple rules. He does well with Scrabble, Guess Who (kind of), Connect Four, Uno, Family Feud, Snakes and Ladders and Jenga.
Just wondering if anyone can suggest any other games that are quite basic in gameplay.
TIA :)
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2021.09.27 08:53 Adde1986 F30 hope you had a great weekend 😀 😊

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2021.09.27 08:53 Ohdfeca 如果达赖喇嘛现在回国,是不是多方利好?

西藏流亡政府应该不会被接受,他们只能继续流亡海外, 变成政治难民。海外藏人现在只能选择移民其他国家或者回到中国,留在印度是没有希望的。
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2021.09.27 08:53 TiltedDominus [Crows] Valorant Community

Hello,Crows is a gaming server and Valorant is one of our primary games,this is a small server with filtered members to create a nice environment to play chill valorant games and competitive as well.We occasionally do tournaments for fun with giveaways for participants.We also do in-house custom games.
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2021.09.27 08:53 MasterBuilder_Macca Detect USB connection

Hi, does anyone know of a way to detect a usb connection? I have a battery powered teensy that I want run code (MTP) for 3 seconds after wake-up, and if it detects usb connection continues to run, else it runs my main code instead. Is this possible?
Thank you
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Email: calvojamies@gmail.com Discord: Calvin#6312
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2021.09.27 08:53 BruteSilverback INSIDER PROTOCOL IPRO TESTNET LAUNCH

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2021.09.27 08:53 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 08:53 Efficient-Art-8824 Gib free karma 🤡🤡🔪🔪

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2021.09.27 08:53 Jem_Jmd3au1 Don't you think that gold distribution should be more equal between positions?

We've come a long way since the days of 30 minute bootless supports. But even today, the gold difference between cores and supports is highly uneven. While cores often buy several 5k gold items per match, supports can usually afford only 1-2 "mid game" 2k gold items.
I think this is wrong. All five positions should get a chance to play with big toys they choose during the game. The balance would still be there - just because support can afford to buy Hex, it doesn't mean he should trade it for Glimmer cape. A super expensive Arcane blink is often inferior to mere Force staff. But at least the support has the choice.
What do you think? Would a change where every last hit is globally distibuted between hero and his teammates (in some ratio, maybe 40% - 15% - 15%- 15% -15% ) be good for the game?
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2021.09.27 08:53 ifediorajoshua Ultimate edition rewards

My brother pre-ordered ultimate edition fifa 22 on his ps account. This means we get both ps5 and ps4 versions. I play on ps5 but he plays on ps4. Then he made his account primary on my console so I can “share” the game with him. However yesterday I finally jumped on the game and I don’t think I got any ultimate edition rewards.
Is there something I’m missing or I’m not entitled to the rewards because it’s not my account the game was pre-ordered on?
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2021.09.27 08:53 samurai1226 Having no red reticle on PC PvP creates huge problems

After seeing the tweet that they purposefully removed the red reticle entirely from pc when playing pvp I think most people are missing how big of a deal that is. I will try to make my concern more clear here:
The Situation: In Halo weapons have certain aim assists and effective ranges that are visible through your reticle. If it turns red it means the shots will have magnetism towards the enemy, so if you move your reticle so it touches of the head of a non shielded enemy with the BR and the reticle turns red you will get the headshot kill when firing. Because they fear that cheat programs might easily track if your reticle is red and trigger shots automatically, they removed the reticle becoming red entirely on PC pvp matches for marksman weapons like BR, Commando and Sidekick. You will still get the magnetism, but don't have an visual clues for that. This creatures multiple problems.
Effective ranges: Each weapon has an effective range in which the red reticle can appear. If you are too far away from the target you won't get the aim assists from the red reticle, so you either need to close the distance or go into the zoom. Without any indicator if you are in the effective range fights start to feel random and just off, since you basically have to guess are you close enough or do you need to zoom in. You can swear that you thought you landed all your Sidekick shots, but maybe you were just a few inches too far away for the helpers to kick in and had no way to tell that.
Visual distractions: A lot of maps feature bright walls and backgrounds, like Live Fire which basically is just white walls or the bright sand and sky tones of Behemoth. Within a duel that adds explosions, flickering shields, bright particle effects and even white glowing overshields the white reticle becomes hard to see, making keeping your reticle over a moving enemy difficult.
Two different PC games: Weapon Drills, Training mode and Bot matches are a great addition to finally be able to practice becoming a better player. But in all these modes you have the red reticle. You might cant put your finger on it but Playing pvp will always feel off and hard to aim because unconsciously your brain will want to react to the red reticle that never comes.
Crossplay Imbalance: Since the red reticle is even not appearing for controller users on PC it creates a huge disadvantages for PC players. If you want Halo Infinite to be an esport title you can't make the consoles giving players other hud information than PC players, all should be handled equally.
Legacy: If you are a long time Halo player you are used to have the red reticle indicator. Even on MCC on PC the red reticle is active. So how can this be a huge problem in Halo Infinite but it obviously never was a problem for MCC?
Punish all for a cheating minority: There will be millions of pc players trying out Halo Infinite MP when it launches. Punishing every single one of them because very few people might want to use cheats (that will be created and have to be dealt with anyway) is not reasonable.
Solution: Obviously removing the RR for everybody would leave the game with some of the mentioned flaws above for everybody, so they should just add back the red reticle on PC pvp and find better solutions to fight cheaters instead of making the game itself worse on PC.
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2021.09.27 08:53 eddytony96 How Did Time’s Up Go So Wrong?: The glitzy advocacy organization posited that strong women could fix the world. They couldn’t even fix their own workplace.

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2021.09.27 08:53 Stunning-Priority128 Anyone seen this? Disruptive player not eligible for match rewards?😅...what did I do?🤣

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2021.09.27 08:53 manavdud07 NiftyPay is a platform that utilizes its native token as the platform currency, $NIFTY, to incentivize facilitate users to perform tonnes of functions like borrowing, fractionalization, etc.

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2021.09.27 08:53 trellis_baylis Maybe unpopular opinion or question but...

Why do people put mentors on a pedestal or think that every mentor they will encounter is automatically a toxic "holier than thou" egomaniac just here to flex on all those lower than them non-mentors?
And I just don't really understand why people expect others to remember 200+ duties to a T that were made 10 years ago and start bashing when these expectations aren't met. The requirement for mentorship is not that hard to achieve in the first place and definetly not at a level of clearing ultimates or something. Even to unlock mentor roulette doing a duty once and never again counts.
I feel like this whole toxicity is a two-way road and I don't really know why people stop giving each other benefit of the doubt or showing consideration, whether it be a sprout, returnee, normal player or mentor.
I feel like I stopped talking in any roulette I join because people just turn very... strange about stuff in this game.
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2021.09.27 08:53 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 08:53 DJS8918 Just a simple request for some simpler plans from Telstra.

I mean, I’m on a prepaid plan right now, pay $150 for 6 months use of 60gb data. Which is plenty! So basically $30 per month for $10.
I recently bought an Apple Watch thinking I’d be able to add a cellular capabilities to my running. Advertised as $5 extra per month. But not for prepaid accounts apparently - because greed I think, can’t imagine why they can’t physically do it. (Maybe someone has an answer here).
So in order to use my watch with LTE I have so change my account to a post paid, and the cheapest I can get with the watch included is $60 per month for 40Gbs data. Massive overkill and ridiculously doubles my annual cost.
Telstra will only ever rip you off.
Granted it’s the same across all the telcos with the prepaid/post paid thing. It’s just this extortion by the telco businesses that I find tedious.
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2021.09.27 08:53 shoon63 Newspaper Ads created entirely on ZF3.

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2021.09.27 08:53 Smithy612 [Xbox] [H] Limited Octane Decals [W] Credits

Have 24+ of each
Dragon - 100c each
Ultimate Warrior - 150c each
Jacktide - 100c each
Sleet Creeps - 100c each
Goonies - 150c each
Trick or Treat - 100c each
Turtle Tribe - 100c each
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2021.09.27 08:53 WillTheWilly The boys get hunted by Christopher Moore

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2021.09.27 08:53 bisho I was God Smacked

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2021.09.27 08:53 s0nderv0gel Montagmorgen - Der Sohn des Fadens

Alle den Wahlkater überstanden? Leber noch intakt? Nacht der langen Messer in der Union schon in vollem Gange? Die Welt hat die Union bzw das Establishment dort ja schon tot geschrieben.
Manmanman, was für ein scheiß. Immerhin jetzt mit dem vorläufigen amtlichen Ergebnis die SPD klar vorn liegt. Ich habe genug von der Union in der Regierung und hoffe, dass die Grünen nicht zu Jamaika einknicken.
Was steht die Woche noch bei euch an? Alle gesund?
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2021.09.27 08:53 Turbulent-Grade-3559 My cutie chilling after his haircut this weekend!

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2021.09.27 08:53 AlexiLaIas How many of your long term FIRE assumptions could weather the 1970's stock market?

Having grown up in the dot-com crash era, the GFC of 2008, and the very brief COVID related crash, I've become accustomed to the idea that the market is quite volatile and unforgiving.
And yet, I've comforted myself with the idea that I can simply avoid most sequence of return risk in the "retire early" portion by: A) Reducing my SWR to 2% and 2)building a bond/cash tent to ride out a down market. Set aside the great depression, and this would seem like an ultra conservative strategy that would look overly cautious in retrospect.
It feels almost like orthodoxy. For long retirements, you go to 80-90% equities, because bond rates are ridiculously low, and the stocks will power the growth you need to maintain ever growing balances. I figured that a pretty cautious set up like that would work out well over a very long term horizon, possibly even leading to large end balances depending on sequence of returns.
But then I back tested my FIRE strategy (90% equities, 10% bonds/cash, 2% SWR) on the FI Calculator for 1965 retirees. I gave the retiree a portfolio of $200k (approx $1.7 Mil in 2021 dollars).
By 1975 (9-10 years into retirement) the portfolio has slowly drifted down to a nominal value of $108K(approx $550k in 2021 dollars). In nominal terms, the portfolio is down 54% from 200k to 108k, but in "real" 2021 terms after adjusting to CPI measured inflation, the portfolio has gone from $1.7 Mil to $550K, down 68%.
By 1985 (20 years into retirement), you have diligently kept your SWR at 2%, and yet your balance is still only $171K ($434K in 2021 dollars). In real terms, you are down 75% in purchasing power from your starting balance.
By 2005, you maintained your 2% SWR and equity allocation, you had the bubble run up in the 90's and the subsequent crash and stabilization. The portfolio has a nominal value of $512K! That's great! Double your starting $200k! Except, in real terms, that $512K has a 2021 standardized value of $717K. not even half what you started with.
By 2011, you have weathered the worst of the 2008 financial crash, and the market is on the way back up. You have been "FIRE" for 45 years. Wow! All while maintaining that rock bottom 2% SWR. You must be worth $10 million! Your portfolio balance: $488K ($593K in 2021 dollars).
In summary, you are left with only 35% in real purchasing power from your 1965 starting balance of $200K ($1.7 million in 2021 dollars).
I feel like this sequence of market conditions would absolutely demoralize so many of us. Despite the ultra conservative SWR, you never get remotely close to par by purchasing power. Sure, your portfolio "survived" (by the bare definition of the word), but you lost 60-70% of the purchasing power very quickly (5-6 years into FIRE) and never recovered. You had 30-40 years of sleepless nights looking at a portfolio down 60-70% of it's starting real value. You would have been better going back in time to 1965 and dividing your money into 2 piles and taking one and pouring kerosene and lighting a match like the joker.
Maybe I did something wrong, somebody check my math. But I thought I would raise this point to talk about how ridiculously good the market has been, and how it inspires a lot of optimistic talk. I don't feel like FIRE would be a thriving community in a market environment like 1975 or 1985 where 10-20 years of inflation and tumult have caused retirees to lose 60-70% of their real portfolio values. And if it can happen once, it can happen again.
For reference, I used FIREcalc (https://calculator.ficalc.app/) to backtest, and this website to convert money into 2021 values (https://www.in2013dollars.com/us/inflation/2011?amount=488000)
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