Podcast Episode: Navel Gazing (Rebroadcast) - 27 September 2021

2021.09.27 09:06 loonling Podcast Episode: Navel Gazing (Rebroadcast) - 27 September 2021

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2021.09.27 09:06 nthai Élet+Stílus: Őzsült, tintahal, macaron lillipop, amareno eckler – kiderült, mi volt a Mészáros-Várkonyi esküvő menüje

Élet+Stílus: Őzsült, tintahal, macaron lillipop, amareno eckler – kiderült, mi volt a Mészáros-Várkonyi esküvő menüje submitted by nthai to hungary [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 09:06 MrPeteO Otters send Sawyer to Atlantic League's Barnstormers

Otters send Sawyer to Atlantic League's Barnstormers
RHP Logan Sawyer
From the Evansville Otters official website: "The Evansville Otters have sent reliever and right-handed pitcher Logan Sawyer to the Lancaster Barnstormers of the Atlantic League for a player to be named later.
The trade allows Sawyer to face experienced batters for another couple weeks in the 2021 baseball season. Sawyer also makes a return to the Lancaster Barnstormers, where he pitched in 2019.
In the 2021 season with the Otters, Sawyer was 3-5 with a 2.97 ERA in 39 appearances and 36.1 innings pitched.
He recorded 48 strikeouts and walked only six.
The Otters' closer recorded a Frontier League-leading 25 saves, which also tied the Otters' single-season record.
Edgar Lopez previously collected 25 saves for the Otters in 2015.
From Knoxville, Tenn., Sawyer came to the Otters with three seasons of affiliated baseball experience and four overall in professional baseball.
Sawyer was drafted in the 29th round of the 2014 MLB June Amateur Draft by the Colorado Rockies out of Lincoln Memorial University. Sawyer played for the Tri-City Dust Devils of the Northwest League, Asheville Tourists of the South Atlantic League, Boise Hawks of the Northwest League, the Modesto Nuts of the Calfornia League, and the Grand Junction Rockies of the Pioneer League in his time with the Rockies organization.
In three seasons with the Rockies organization, Sawyer totaled a 13-9 record with a 4.87 ERA and 125 strikeouts. He pitched a total of 190.1 innings in 60 appearances and 20 starts."
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2021.09.27 09:06 Eco_Terrae All yellow Viper fighter / mecha - 7 / single thruster.

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2021.09.27 09:06 StunningVideo6251 does anyone have a hedgehog for trade? :'D

I'm offering fly ride dalmation + adds for one!
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2021.09.27 09:06 bruceketta1234 Tutti a vedere il suo esordio!

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2021.09.27 09:06 Artistic-Disaster-66 African sluts sharing long white dong in threesome

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2021.09.27 09:06 TibialWolf Ladies in Red

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2021.09.27 09:06 OneTrueBreaker The Fall of Smash: Pichu

First Young link, then Ganon, then Doctor Mario—did that stop Sakurai from including another botched mess of a character in melee? Fuck no. Pichu—much like the others mentioned—has no reason to be in the game. No seriously, there is not a single reason to pick Pichu. Want to know why that is? Well, to be brief, it’s because of his idiot shit cousin who will forever render him irrelevant as he holds no value as a stand-alone character. Let me explain.
Let’s compare side by side Pichu and Pikachu. Tell me something:

is there a single move that Pichu does that Pikachu can’t already do but without the downsides?
Yeah, I don’t think so. This is just so depressing. You know what, it’s so bad that I’d argue it’s a worse position to be than Doctor Mario is towards normal Mario. “How?” you ask. Well, at least doctor Mario doesn’t damage himself for every move he does while providing little to no benefit from it. What the hell were they thinking with this one? Pichu was basically a bad joke in melee, sure why not… but then comes along ultimate and he still doesn’t provide the tools necessary to compete with his idiot cousin. His damage output is laughablly unnoticeable.
That’s not to say they didn’t try with him—no they did… but, then you remember how shit he was butchered later on in the patches. Why? He wasn’t even close to being better than Pikachu and they just had to do him like this? Fuck you Nintendo and your asinine choices to “balance” the roster. There isn’t anymore to say about him. He’s awful but yet so forgettable. Not enough bad to care for hating, and not enough good to see him be viable.
I’m at my wit’s end. For everything I see that can go good, there are dozens of wrongs that hinder his time to shine. After all the years of waiting for his arrival someday, he makes it back, but not in a glorious way—no, it’s in a damaged way.
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2021.09.27 09:06 Feistt884 Senate Trading Corp- Syndicate -Na West- Kshira server

We are a PVE focused guild. Will pvp to defend territory if needed. Small company of 20+ we are looking to grow. Our goal is to be the number 1 financial power on the Kshira server. Message me if you’re interested.
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2021.09.27 09:06 Senor_Schnarf Exploring the possibility of ideological activism within legal parameters (Probably a stupid question)

Hello all, and thank you in advance for reading. I will get this out of the way forthwith, this post's titular 'ideology' is veganism. I know many people have very strong (usually unfavourable) opinions of veganism. I'm not here to start a debate about animal ethics, but just to ask a legal question related to my ideology. I would so appreciate it if, even if you disagree with it, if you could offer me your academic/practical opinion of how feasible this idea is, or how to go about it if it is. I will also readily admit to an at-best-shabby understanding of the intricacies of Canadian Law and some exact financial figures.
Let's try and keep this short. And, yes, in advance, I am aware I am citing an American case, but unfortunately, our two brother countries share many cultural/legal parallels, for better or worse.
I was thinking recently about the American case involving the business 'Hobby Lobby' wherein the business argued that their religious convictions should exempt them from having to cover contraception for their employees and somehow won under the guise of a corporation somehow being a person. While I think it's (more than) a little ridiculous to view a corporation as a person, I see a great opportunity to flip the script for my cause's ends.
Although, before that, I would like to draw attention to the fact that animal-derived products (ie, Meat, Dairy, Eggs, etc.) are subsidized to some degree (which is very difficult to find exact figures on, even with Google) by the Canadian government, presumably to reduce their cost to the consumer.
I was wondering if it would be possible to form a business/church/both at the same time based in the principle of veganism (whether or not we actually even do anything beyond existing on paper) and demand exemption from paying taxes, or at least, to pay a normal amount of taxes minus the proportion of average taxes which would go towards the subsidies for these industries, citing ethical/religious convictions?
I will clarify, I am not asking this question to get a smidgen of discount on my taxes, but to unite a group of likeminded people to launch a fiscal push as a form of activism to (hopefully) bleed the industry of at least SOME funding and drive the prices of animal products skyward to hopefully discourage purchase thereof, and thus, reduce demand and shrink the industries.
I am sure I am forgetting to add details that would certainly be pertinent to this question, but they elude me at the moment. I am, however, even more sure that this wall of text has probably gone on long enough. I am looking forward to your feedback and am happy to clarify any details fohave a dialogue with anyone who may care to contribute.
Thank you for reading!
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2021.09.27 09:06 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 09:06 WriteBot See you, Sunday.

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2021.09.27 09:06 Elbwiese Druckmann's unwillingness to let go of ideas

Here are just some examples of Druckmann himself admitting how unwilling he was to let go when others in the team criticised his ideas during the development of TLoU:

"I had a lot of attachments to the idea [only women as zombies] and I refused to kind of let it go." --> 2013 Druckmann Keynote
"Why I held onto them [his original ending ideas] for so long is like, I didn't want to let go of that ending. That ending in my mind was so cool [...] but we just approached it from all these different angles for so long and eventually it was like "ok, what if we just cut that ending". --> 2013 Druckmann Keynote
And again some of this issue was my letting go, like I got attached to certain ideas and it was just hard to kinda release them. --> 2013 Druckmann Keynote
Again, I have these attachments to ideas and sometimes it's hard to let go. --> 2013 Druckmann Keynote
Does that sound like a guy that likes to "collaborate"? Collaboration requires a willingness to accept criticism, even if it may feel harsh or unwarranted at times, a willingness to let go of your ego and compromise, something Bruce Straley understood very well:
I think the trick to to challenge yourself - and be willing to "kill your babies" so to speak, instead of holding onto every "cool" idea you think you may want - but honor the experience you're trying to deliver. --> Straley AMA Comment
Druckmann on the other hand (by his own admission!) fought tooth and nail for his ideas during the development of TLoU, oftentimes outright refusing to let go. In the end he was forced to relent, since rest of the team apparently didn't agree with him, and since he wasn't the senior director at the time it also was ultimately not his call to make.
TLoU vs Part II During the development of Part II the situation was completely different however. As project leader, senior director AND vice-president of Naughty Dog Druckmann was in a completely different position now and completely freed from the constraints that forced him to compromise before. Why should a guy that was so obstinate as JUNIOR director be more willing to accept criticism and compromise once he is the SENIOR director (and vice-president of the entire company as well)? When every reason to actually relent is removed and he has the final say at last?
Let's imagine for a moment that Druckmann had been the project leader and senior director during the development of TLoU, and not Straley. Would he really have relented then, and accepted the criticism of his colleagues, even though he has the final say, and nobody can actually force him to "let go" of his ideas? That revenge doesn't work, that some of his ideas are just not that great or believable, like Joel immediately bonding with Ellie, turning on Tess in the process, and Tess hunting both of them across the entire country for a year, brutally torturing Joel in the end, etc. Or would Druckmann have ploughed through, internal criticism be damned? What would've been the more likely outcome, given Druckmann's personality and his strong attachment to ideas?
Writing honestly ... When talking about what it means to "write honestly" in his 2013 keynote Druckmann contrasted these two scenarios (bolded by me):
Maybe it means that you find an idea that really resonates with you, and no matter how many times that idea fails, you stick to it, because for some reason it speaks to you, and you have to keep exploring it, and keep coming back to it, and bring it to life.
Or maybe it's about letting go. And it's knowing that an idea will become way stronger through interpretation of people much more talented than you. Whether it's actors, animators, composers, designers, programmers, a team of some of the most talented people in entertainment. And that you find a core of people that you really trust, that understand story, and they're gonna call you out on your bullshit. --> 2013 Druckmann Keynote
Druckmann is clearly speaking about his personal experience during the development of TLoU here, how an entire team (of artists, designers, developers, animators, etc.) improved his ideas during the development of TLoU, creating the story and the characters in a collaborative process, and "called him out on his bullshit", again and again.
But ... if that was the approach that led to his desired outcome (the TLoU we finally received), then why did he contrast it with his the first scenario, as if it would be an either-or proposition? Just a curious choice of words on Druckmann's part. What's preventing both approaches from working in tandem? Improve some ideas, let go of others, while (to cite Straley) "honoring the experience you're trying to deliver". It almost feels like Druckmann was paying lip service to Naughty Dog's (at the time ...) culture of open criticism here, but when you listen to him his frustration seems to shine through on multiple occasions (like here for example).
Abby Take Abby for example, Schreier's article about ND suggests that playtesters were unhappy with her character, so Druckmann poured more and more resources into her segments in his attempts to "fix" her, instead of accepting that maybe, just maybe, Abby wasn't such a great idea after all:
As Naughty Dog’s developers worked on a demo for E3 2018 and began showing builds of the game to playtesters for feedback, the directors and leads found that some of their decisions weren’t working. Parts of the narrative weren’t resonating with players, who said they weren’t fond of characters that the writers hoped would be likable. In response, Druckmann and the other leads started scrapping and revising. “That’s where changes were happening,” said one developer. “We need to add some stuff here so that it tells more of this story or gives you more narrative beats.” --> Naughty Dog and Crunch
If the original team dynamic had still been in place during the development of Part II then Druckmann would probably have been forced to "let go" of Abby at this point, just like he was eventually forced to let go of the "only women are zombies" idea, the Tess revenge plot, the idea that Joel immediately turns on Tess to protect Ellie, that the OR scene should be a cutscene (non-playable), and so on. But he was the senior director now, so he had zero reason to come around this time. In fact the opposite happened, he made Abby's segments even LONGER. Those changes lead to massive crunch btw, negatively affecting everyone involved:
On The Last of Us II, these revisions led to all sorts of stress and scope creep. Every day, the game grew bigger, and soon it had dwarfed the company’s previous releases. [...] By the end of 2018, most departments at the studio were in crunch mode, spending extra hours at the office to keep up with all of their tasks. --> Naughty Dog and Crunch
Revenge ... Druckmann's unwillingness to "let go" can almost feel a bit petty at times. Straley was against revenge across long distances in a post-apocalyptic setting? Druckmann lets his characters make not just one but THIRTEEN overlong journeys in the sequel now. Straley thought that revenge in general might not be a good idea? The entire sequel revolves around revenge now. Some in the team criticised that Joel was bonding too quickly with Ellie in an early draft? Abby bonds with Lev in a matter of hours now. Straley was always pushing for levity and an overall hopeful tone? Part II is a never-ending stream of pain, misery and suffering. Druckmann's personal "interpretation" of the ending was not shared by the majority, something he himself admitted after the release? He retcons the ending to make it fit his personal take. People loved Joel and Ellie, characters that were the product of a collaborative creative effort involving dozens of people? He tears them down and kills them off, elevating the new characters of Abby and Lev instead. It almost feels like Druckmann was driven less by a desire to write a genuine sequel to TLoU and more by an urge to prove his (former) colleagues and critics wrong.
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2021.09.27 09:06 sadmadstudent [PC-NEW] W: Souls H: Karma, mule

I want souls!
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2021.09.27 09:06 Stunning-Respect6929 Dm me to trade

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2021.09.27 09:06 Koenig-Der-Klingen Vulkan­ausbruch auf La Palma: Teneriffa und La Gomera werden wieder angeflogen

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2021.09.27 09:06 United-Guess-835 Dirtbike legality kuwait

Hello, I was wondering if I would be allowed to ride my dirtbike on the random desert patches u can find around kuwait as I don't always have the ability to yow to the desert.
Thank you.
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2021.09.27 09:06 DurchCrypto Why The Carbon Negative Tag On Algorand Could Prove To Be A Game Changer

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2021.09.27 09:06 GreenMindset What do you wish you knew/asked in your first Dr's appointment?

My first doctor's appointment for MC is on Wed and I thought I'd ask you guys what you wish you had known or asked during your first appointment?
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2021.09.27 09:06 Admirable-Air-750 Euphoria – Medium

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2021.09.27 09:06 ElectrikAvenue1 😎Baby Doge Boss💼 fair-launched today & performing a Takeover of the Crypto Defi and NFT's Market! Baby Doge Boss is the smartest Doge in the world! Using his sharp eye for talent he has recruited an awesome marketing team, and we are soon to be the #1 Community Coin. Join the Takeover! Stock Up!

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