Enter to win a $300, $200 OR $100 iShine 365 Swimsuit Gift Card. 3 Winners! (10/01/2021) {US}

2021.09.27 09:34 dataentrytard Enter to win a $300, $200 OR $100 iShine 365 Swimsuit Gift Card. 3 Winners! (10/01/2021) {US}

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2021.09.27 09:34 GrimdarkGarage Warzone cheats will affect all future games

Warzones popularity across all demographics is going to cause problems for all future games!
How prevelant cheats have been in warzone is down to a number of factors, primarily the games source code being sold but also the player base having more disposable income. Regardless....
Due to their success, the cheat creators have flourished. As such their resource, renown and technical abilities have grown. As it pertains to the gaming industry in general, they're now far more potent and dangerous.
We've seen it already with BF, that cheats are being pre-ordered. Something I don't think has ever happened before. And entirely nullified the hopes of meany that want, when other games are released, for their to be an end to cheaters. However, its looking more like the cheats will simple transition to the next game.
It's not necessarily a fault of COD, of IW or any other developer (apart from the leak of source code but that's more a fault of the individual), but more a result of circumstance.
You could argue that if CODs anti cheat systems were more efficient, though I don't think think would stop the cheat devs. They're well educated in what they are selling but more so, aren't going to allow their new business to leave them. Ergo, any anti cheat system implemented by any game will soon be cracked I'm sure.
Unless the industry moves as one, I'm afraid cheats will be here to stay.
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2021.09.27 09:34 TpMeNUGGET A guide on how to teach yourself how to fish. (What to ask, what to look up)

Hi there, a few months ago i moved to the outer banks, having not fished at all since i was maybe 14, with no gear, and no idea where to start. I was given my childhood kayak from my parents and was determined to use it to catch fish. I watched countless youtube videos, spent hours on google maps, blogs, reddit, even spent 90 dollars signing up for a fishing website, and now i can say i’m feeling pretty good about my inshore saltwater skills.
I see a lot of people on here who remind me of where i was, who are asking questions, but might not be getting the results they want because they’re either being too broad, too specific, or otherwise just not sure on what they really need to know. Theres countless people all over the internet who have posted guides to every possible type of fishery, and the real easiest way to teach yourself to fish is to be able to find resources that are specifically made for your situation.
Here’s a good guide on things you can easily find, depending solely on your location.
What type of water are you fishing? This seems simple, but around half of all advice online can be filtered out by simply specifying whether you’re in fresh, salty, or brackish water.
What type of fish are people in your area catching? Look up what types of fish are the most popular to catch where you live. Either google, reddit, or “Fishbrain” is a tool i used to use to get a good look at what people were catching, and where they caught it.
What are the best ways to catch these species of fish? Once you have a species picked out, you can find plenty of guides all over the internet on the best technique, gear, and strategies to catch exactly what you want. You can find tons of posts, youtube videos, and even whole websites devoted to catching individual species of fish.
How do these fish behave? Different species behave differently. Some swim around in large schools in the middle of the water column, some sit in the bottom waiting to ambush prey, while others will hunt around structures in the water. Find out where your fish are and what senses (sight, vibration, scent) are they the best at. Many fish will change their behavior depending on the season, weather, ect.
Once you’ve got an idea of what you’re hunting for, and where the best spots are to cast, go get your line wet!!! Spend time casting, enjoy your time in nature! Try new things and learn from your mistakes. Fishing is about getting away from the bustling of everyday life. Learning, improving yourself, finding appreciation for the earth around you. Pay atttention to when fish bite. They’ll tell you what they want. Then once you’ve been out a couple times, asked questions, found some good spots, that’s when the fish start to show up. And boy is it fun.
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2021.09.27 09:34 Puzzleheadbird65 be safe jerry

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2021.09.27 09:34 Sameeha_Ar White penncil

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2021.09.27 09:34 Fully_Tapped #ZT Latts - Mad About Bars | Most cruddy MAB ever❄️❄️

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2021.09.27 09:34 brainy-trivia simple and effective healthy food habits

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2021.09.27 09:34 FlameRocker5 https://www.reddit.com/r/Memes_Of_The_Dank/submit

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2021.09.27 09:34 vitoskito (1000 x 800) The Soviet SSN K-53, attached to the PM-24 workshop ship, after collision with the merchant ship "Brotherhood", on September 19, 1984, when they both crossed Gibraltar

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2021.09.27 09:34 projazznet Hubert Laws ‎- Afro-Classic (Full Album)

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2021.09.27 09:34 FoodballGenius Global warming essay help

Hi guys I'm creating an essay on global warming, so can anyone provide a paragraph on how its affecting us and what will happen if we dont stop global warming.
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2021.09.27 09:34 boat_drink_lover Looking for a sub that can tell me a way to find out which all websites is my ISP blocking

my wifi does not work on a lot of sites(porn mainly), i want to find a sub which can help me find a list of all the websites my isp is blocking
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2021.09.27 09:34 eddiecurry Stepping out 26th September 2021

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2021.09.27 09:34 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 09:34 nacicaba My oil painting of X-Wing Fighters

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2021.09.27 09:34 Gveloper_ JAMIE RECENT!!! That's what the post said but I saw it many times on Instagram so yeahyyy

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2021.09.27 09:34 PracticalGroup7184 I live in a apartment in la and I’m boutta do some ghetto shit lmk if this works plz

I have a vending machine in my apartment complex and the mf took 10$ from me I gave it a 5 hoping to get my change for my Doritos never got it so finessed my 4$ then i put another five in because I wasn’t really tripping jus thinking it a glitch or something so I put another five the shit does the same thing so ima grab a metal hanger and slid it in to try and finesse 8$ bucks worth of snacks back
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2021.09.27 09:34 GHPL2007 How can a socialist country survive in a world dominated by capitalist countries

Let's say a socialist government was established successfully. How can they survive in a world dominated by capitalists? And what if international neoliberal institutions try to isolate the socialist country's economy?
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2021.09.27 09:34 DonutLover8 👀

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2021.09.27 09:34 Anthonym82 Packers' Davante Adams Shows Why He's NFL's Best WR in Heroic SNF Win

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2021.09.27 09:34 Priestofdisorderr Where's the Carr haters?

Carr has stuck around with horrible coaches and no talent, im really happy he's getting the recognition and production he deserves, im really happy having a guy so commited and loving a team, we are truly blessed.
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2021.09.27 09:34 tiny_mage Refraction cube not spawned part 8 test 11 portal 2 help

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2021.09.27 09:34 PorkyPain DQ The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds | Is Going To be Insane!

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2021.09.27 09:34 Illustriousesque Some more Mallow! I didn't finish it because I kinda messed up the inking, but I decided to share it anyways

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2021.09.27 09:34 tagaloger Does MonkeyType work on a Playstation 4 system?

I heard you can connect a keyboard to the PS4... can you also do MT typing tests on the PS4 as well?
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