„TRUTH Social“ – Die Plattform selbst ist bereits ein Fake

💥💥💥 Fake-Demo Bereits am 17. Oktober deckte Report24 auf, dass heute, am 21. Oktober deckte Report24 auf, dass heute, am 21. Oktober auf Zuruf der Ärztekammer und der Direktionen mehrerer Krankenhäuser Demos inszeniert werden sollen: OÖ Pflegepersonal soll für Impf-PR missbraucht werden: “Wir können nicht mehr!” 20 Minuten bietet dir 24/7 aktuelle Nachrichten aus der Welt der Technik, Trends, Test- & Erfahrungsberichte für Computer, Games, Smartphones, Gagdets und Internet. Eine Ex-Mitarbeiterin hat Facebook in die schwerste Krise seit dem Skandal um Cambridge Analytica gestürzt. Frances Haugen lieferte zentrale ... Die großen sozialen Medien wie Twitter und Facebook haben Donald Trump verbannt - nun will er ein eigenes Netzwerk gründen. Mit ´Truth Social´ wolle er der ´Tyrannei´ der großen Tech ... E-Book (deutsch E-Buch; englisch e-book, ebook, ebook) steht für ein elektronisches Buch (engl. electronic book) und bezeichnet Werke in elektronischer Buchform, die auf E-Book-Readern oder mit spezieller Software auf PCs, Tabletcomputern oder Smartphones gelesen werden können. Mit der Verbreitung von E-Book-Readern werden E-Books zunehmend in einem Format angeboten, das sich automatisch an ... Web und IT-News auf DER STANDARD: Informieren Sie sich jetzt über Trends im Internet, in der Telekommunikation sowie über die besten Games. Die Streaming-Plattform Twitch ist offenbar zum Opfer eines umfassenden Hacks geworden. Unter anderem sollen der komplette Quellcode sowie auch einige Nutzerdaten betroffen sein. In einem Internetforum ist eine mehr als 120 Gigabyte große Datei aufgetaucht, die dem Anschein nach dem kompletten Quellcode der zu Amazon gehörenden Streaming ... Nur scheinbar eröffnete Ex-„Bild“-Chef Julian Reichelt einen Account auf Telegram, der in 24 Stunden über 50.000 Follower bekam – doch es war ein Fake. Ziemlich rasch wurde Julian Reichelt von seinen Aufgaben als Chefredakteur der „Bild“ entbunden, nachdem herauskam, dass er wohl auch nach seinem Rüffel vom Springer-Verlag seine ... Öl Profit ist ein automatisiertes Handelsportal, das es interessierten Händlern ermöglicht, von jedem Ort der Welt aus in Öl zu investieren. Eine reibungslose und dauerhafte Internetverbindung ist die einzige Voraussetzung, um auf Oil Profit zugreifen und mit über diesen Broker handeln zu können.. Wie jede andere automatisierte Handelsplattform verwaltet und entscheidet Öl Profit im ...

2021.10.25 03:51 Derausmwaldkam „TRUTH Social“ – Die Plattform selbst ist bereits ein Fake

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2021.10.25 03:51 jay_kotu I got my ps5 in my cart and done with the billing address but it’s not letting me complete order and saying “you’re in a queue, please try again after sometime”…. Does that mean the ps5 is sold out?

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2021.10.25 03:51 letsgosonnyboy Mushroom ID request for this found in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada growing at the bottom of the tree trunk. Spore print light but not sure as it was performed on aluminium foil.

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2021.10.25 03:51 based-spice-islands Im a 4th year IT student and i feel lost and incompetent

Im about to wrap up my academic life as this is my last semester with lectures and labs but i still feel incompetent and a fraud. I have tried trying to apply for android dev jobs or java swe jobs but failed the coding exam. I fear this would be my case for the rest of my career. Advice?
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2021.10.25 03:51 HindMohamed Dubai is an icon of magic and creativity

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2021.10.25 03:51 Aryann09 If I want to practice in India, which are the best countries to do LLM from?

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2021.10.25 03:51 prachipatale Medical Oxygen Concentrators Market Rising Size, Huge Demand, Analytical Overview, Growth Factors by 2031

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2021.10.25 03:51 hamnat487 MAM, Shield Master, War Caster, Defensive Duelist, Dual Wielding, or something else?

Got a level 12 standard-Half-Elf Bard of Eloquence here that I'm trying to pick the ASI for. Stats so far:
STR: 8 DEX: 16 CON: 14 INT: 16 WIS: 16 CHA: 20 (before you ask, yes I rolled really nicely)
I took Moderately Armored for the level 4 ASI, then bumped up strength and dexterity at level 8 to what they are above. The party I was joining was much higher level already, so the extra survivability from boosted AC seemed rather valuable.

My bard's magic approach is very "supporting, controlling, and manipulating." His offensive casting is pretty severely limited, but he has Dissonant Whispers and Synaptic Static. I'd prefer not to rely on those too much, as we have more powerful "blasters" in the party. A further note is our upcoming enemies are certain to be elves, and thus resistant to a lot of my character's magic.
To the main point: feat selection
Other options:
Any thoughts on which I should go with and why, or at least reasons why I shouldn't take one of the above?
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2021.10.25 03:51 azestyorangeskin Autumn in the Willamette Valley

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2021.10.25 03:51 lootsauger Dump an expensive appliance on a empty construction site.

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2021.10.25 03:51 DeanNoah64 An elephant playfully stealing and then returning a wildlife photographer's hat

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2021.10.25 03:51 krat588500 Kermes yapıoz

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2021.10.25 03:51 swagNextTuber New quarantine spots for domestic workers coming to Hong Kong snapped up within minutes yet again

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2021.10.25 03:51 r_elwood Ideal for a long Sunday cycle.

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2021.10.25 03:51 Thy_leader Just woke up. Feeling kinda cringe

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2021.10.25 03:51 RubiksCodeNMZ Using Huggingface Transformers with ML.NET

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2021.10.25 03:51 woodenhorse92 Big balls but tight too

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2021.10.25 03:51 JiaJun_Crypto Get Pumped for Halloween With Pulkit Kudiwal’s Hair-Raising NFT Drop - 25th October 2021, 1 PM UTC

Get Pumped for Halloween With Pulkit Kudiwal’s Hair-Raising NFT Drop - 25th October 2021, 1 PM UTC
The Halloween Special by Puldit Kudiwal
About Creator 🎨 Pulkit Kudiwal is a graphic designer and digital artist from India who specialises in the surrealist, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. His work has been featured by Hindustan Times, Adobe Photoshop, Bored Panda, Expert Photography, and more.
Drop Info 💡 Following the success of his first drop, “The Inexplicable Nature”, Kudiwal has returned with “The Halloween Special”. This 3-piece collection features terrifying scenes that are sure to send shivers down your spine; you'll find a derelict house, a possessed jack-o-lantern, and an unwelcome visitor.
The NFTs are randomly distributed among surprise packs, and minted with varying levels of rarity. Will yours contain the 5-edition “The Summoning” NFT? Get your pack to find out—available for the next 24 hours only!
Head to the Crypto.com NFT platform now to get ready: https://cdc.st/nft-main
Join our NFT announcement channel to get notified on all drops: https://t.me/Cryptocom_NFT_Announcements
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2021.10.25 03:51 swagNextTuber China’s 50 years at UN: Xi Jinping says international rules and order must not be dominated by one power

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2021.10.25 03:51 CamilaCazzy ImJayStation is trash.

Sorry Morgz, but someone else has been crowned king of these obnoxious challenge channels with the most atrocious clickbait covers. Why? The reason is pretty simple. ImJayStation is the personification of everything terrible about these YouTubers: irritating video content, thumbnails that make me want to roll my eyes to the back of my head, unnecessarily loud voices, acting that wouldn't fool even a blind person, and the habit of unscrupulously lying to the kids in their audiences about almost dying in the previous challenge. Let's not forget how punchable his face looks. Oh, and I must mention how he overuses words like 'guys', 'bro', 'oh my God', and 'fricking' so much that they become meaningless.
For example, in one video, he claimed that he bought a box full of drugs from the Dark Web for a thousand bucks and decided to flush the drugs down the toilet. He said that he was afraid to show it to the police because they would 'automatically assume that he was the culprit'. Wow, 100 points for being so smart. Plus, does he seriously think that the little children watching believe that he dies every video just to be magically resurrected in the next? In the same video, he pulled a photograph of man, woman, and boy out of the box and said that he thought that the family was murdered. But in reality, that's a search result when you look up 'stock photo husband wife and son' in Google Images.
What distinguishes him from other YouTubers with similar content is his on-another-level lack of shame. In a collaboration with a friend named Jay Hill, he claimed to have ordered a potion from the Dark Web that would (*drumroll*) turn anyone who drank it gay for 60 minutes. Really? That's a terrible idea in at least 1,597,603 ways. First off, if you are already gay, will you become straight in a way similar to how two negatives equal a positive? They take turns drinking it, and once they do become 'gay', they start to touch each other without consent, putting on makeup, and acting in a stereotypically feminine way. Jason Matthew Ethier, what the fucking fuck? This is proof that not all LGBT representation is positive.
Unlike YouTubers like Morgz though, his content does not just include idiotic banter and calling people at 3AM, but extends to calling dead celebrities at 3AM. Shortly after the death of Etika in June 2019, he made another Ouija board challenge video in which he claimed to call him. Sigh. This one guy is so lacking in conscience that he has the gall to cash in on someone's death for clicks. And when people were angry at him, he made a link to a charity website to his family. Once he was being criticized, my man changed the title to 'None of You Donated Yet'. Hallelujah. If we can see through his blatant emotional manipulation, then we're automatically horrible human beings. Not only that, but he did it again with Mac Miller and XXXTENTACION. He also said that Etika was very close to him in his lifetime and that he greatly inspired him, even though he mentioned not knowing him personally in the previous video.
But perhaps the worst thing he's ever done is faking the death of his girlfriend, Alexia Marano. In the words of a friend: how insensitive must one be to fake someone's death for clout? When you watch the video, his acting is so transparently dishonest. And he even wore a goddamn Gucci jacket to her funeral! Listen ImJayStation, if you're going to try and make us think your girlfriend is dead, please try to make it at least convincing enough. To top it all off, he monetized the tribute to Alexia and included links to her channel. How low must you go for attention? When I heard that he was possessive and abusive to Alexia in the video she made on her own channel, I can't help but feel so sorry for that lady. Hopefully she's living a good life now.
I can't be happier to hear that he was banned from YT. This restores my faith in humanity a ton.
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2021.10.25 03:51 ActivityAcceptable52 Some yearbook pictures of mine from kindergarden to 9th grade

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2021.10.25 03:51 RazorRuke Who needs help beating the game on Standard/Intense mode? (PS5/PS4)

I am offering my help to anyone who needs help beating this game on the PlayStation Network on ether Standard or Intense mode. I can also help with Horde Mode if you wanna get to wave 10 or 20 on ether Standard/Intense.
I am available to play around 8 am - 12 pm Eastern Standard Time during Monday - Thursday and on the weekends I am available generally any time after 8 am Friday.
If we are playing on Standard, I won't require a mic. But if you wish to play Intense, we will need mics.
I have no desire to play on Extreme or Insane, if that's what you want to play.. I am not your marine.
My fiancee plays the game as well, if you don't have a 2nd Marine we can ask her to join. But, I can beat these levels with a bot usually no problem if we are stuck with one.
Razor_Ruke is my PSN tag, mention in this thread please if you are gonna add me.
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2021.10.25 03:51 rmcgoldrick85 When a white person holds their breath you can usually tell because their face turns purple. Is there also a way to tell if a black person is holding their breath?

Not at all meant to be racist. Just up late thinking about random stuff
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2021.10.25 03:51 DreamVagabond Nami Wood Carving

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2021.10.25 03:51 sickoftwitter I am back!

Ok, I am back and beginning to recover following covid psychosis now, does anyone have any ideas what Abi's next book might be about?
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