Resident evil 4 crash

2021.10.25 04:27 rickelme_875 Resident evil 4 crash

I'm having problems with crashes non-stop, it wasn't like that before, and I went back to play and unfortunately this problem came. Details: the game sometimes closes if you open the inventory/close, if an object is destroyed or moved, and most are at random times.
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2021.10.25 04:27 Professional-Ad9212 I come from an ultra-religious family of Islam and I am homosexual.

I guess there have been thousands just like me but I guess I am on top of the risk of being discovered, so my family is from a middle eastern country (which is illegal to be gay) but we actually live in a european country but anyway if my parents knew about my outings or nights out I am sure my physical safety would be in danger.
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2021.10.25 04:27 S4njc Yo so I get the aux right??

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2021.10.25 04:26 shanabailey TAB 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner [EU] for 219.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $299.99) [EUROPE]

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2021.10.25 04:26 bluevelvet95 Questions for People who are Currently in/ Have Completed MFAs

I’m a current undergrad (senior, but non-traditional, I left school after my sophomore year for almost 5 years and then came back). I’m considering an MFA for creative writing in the future but I feel very lost about the whole process. I don’t personally know anyone right now who’s done it, and strangely, although my parents are both writers neither has an MFA and they for some reason have always looked down on people who get it (though they support whatever I want to do). They see it as a factory churning out carbon copy writers who lose their “spark” in the process.

  1. Are my parents dumb? Do these programs encourage freedom and dare their students to push the boundaries in writing so you end up emerging as your own unique writer? Or do you find they’re trying above all to get their students agents/contracts when they graduate and in the process everyone ends up being encouraged to write in the same popular “style”? I’m someone who would rather be a struggling but unique and interesting writer who just does it on the side than successful but know I’m not feeling totally free…Conventional success literally means nothing to me, and I want to do this only if I think it’s going to really push me in my own individual direction, not someone else’s.
  2. I have heard mixed responses to this, but is it frowned upon to be applying to these programs when you haven’t completed your BA in English Lit or Creative Writing? I’m a Comparative Literature major which I know is obviously still writing-oriented but there’s more language/philosophy/history involved with this program at my school. I have taken multiple creative writing and English courses and I know I can get a great recommendation from one creative writing professor in particular, but my studies certainly haven’t been mainly focused on creative writing, moreso academic literature papers/research. My school is considered “top 10” in the US; I don’t know if this or my major makes any difference whatsoever when applying to these programs or if they (hopefully) are only focused on the quality of your writing.
  3. Finally, and I know this is kind of impossible to answer, I know how rare it is to be accepted into these programs straight out of undergrad. Do you think it makes any difference that I’m an older student, or are they just going to toss me in the “amateur” pile? My bizarre life experience in the 5 years I left school is mainly what fuels and inspires my writing, and I have had something published once and also interned at two writing/publishing-related places.
I definitely know how competitive these programs are and I’m not “expecting” anything, but I’d really like to just feel less lost about it all.
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2021.10.25 04:26 Boring_Carry9476 Differentiate the memes/jokes between

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2021.10.25 04:26 Unable_Clock_1421 Idk

so it’s like the third day and I’ve relapsed just bought some more , I do this thing where I think I’ll be fine if I buy some because I think hey one more bag will be fine I’ll just make it last then quit after it’s all gone but then I guess the cycle just repeats itself smh BUT I will try to make this bag last n quit after its done
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2021.10.25 04:26 Cultural_Attache PLA Overseas Operations in 2035: Inching Toward a Global Combat Capability

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2021.10.25 04:26 bkortendick Justin Sun on EFI

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2021.10.25 04:26 0xdea GitLab CE CVE-2021-22205 in the wild

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2021.10.25 04:26 Annual_Bus_4629 🥋 Sensei Inu Token 🐕 | Just Launched | Doxxed Devs on video chat regularly! | The next x1000 Doge Token gem!

Sensei Uni is a brand new BSC based community token. Our focus is to provide our community with transparency and fairness. Sensei Inu himself is the master of all doges, he only uses his highly trained skills to protect other doges. We want to offer sensei inu's protection to all doges, as such we'll be donating 2% of all transactions to Battersea Dogs Home!
With Sensei Inu users earn a passive income from reflections and liquidity is supported to keep our sensei in peak condition. An aggressive marketing strategy has just begun with poocoin ads, targeted ads on facebook, and tik tok influencers secured. We will be initiating the poocoin ads as soon the presale ends.
Regardless of whether you sell or buy expect some $Sensei your way!

Contract: 0x338baf9024c68afaa6cad0263958b6baa02c8111
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.25 04:26 tontymince Bask in the Yellow, Tontymince, marker and colored pencil, 2019

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2021.10.25 04:26 dejobaan Cyndefense 2 - Cyndefense 2 is a well crafted, hardcore, tower defense game. While there are easier modes for those who want casual game-play, the game will test your ability to manage your resources and rely on superb tower placement in order to be capable of beating harder maps.

Cyndefense 2 - Cyndefense 2 is a well crafted, hardcore, tower defense game. While there are easier modes for those who want casual game-play, the game will test your ability to manage your resources and rely on superb tower placement in order to be capable of beating harder maps. submitted by dejobaan to WhatsOnSteam [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 04:26 sweatybeard How I escaped THAT guillotine: UFC 266 Alex Volkanovski v Brian Ortega

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2021.10.25 04:26 lorexe poor Romanos all what he wanted was a serious conversation

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2021.10.25 04:26 Mzxth Emerging markets ETF with less exposure to China?

Hi everyone,
As the title says: are you guys invested in (or considering investing in) Emerging Markets ETFs with few(er) Chinese holdings?
EMIM currently sits at just over 30% in Chinese stocks. However, I'm not sure how comfortable I am investing sizeable amounts of money in China considering recent events, even for the long(ish) term.
Any alternatives you guys have found?
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2021.10.25 04:26 TheAnimeSyndicate Colorful The Motion Picture

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2021.10.25 04:26 sudhir369 Epic fart shuts up wife

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2021.10.25 04:26 YT_Legin_7 This kinda made me sad

So knowing that deltarune chapter 2 took 3 years to make after 1 is insane but if this keeps on going, deltarune will be finished in 2039
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2021.10.25 04:26 goan_idiot Knocking sound in Yamaha R15 V3 BS6

I did 3rd servicing of my Yamaha R15 V3 BS6. After which I'm facing problem of engine knocking sound.
At around 3-4k rpm in 5th or 6th gear whenever i accelerate there is big knocking sound (comes around 3-4 times). It sounds as if a metal part left loose inside engine and making noise.
It happens only in above scenario. There no knocking (tik tik) in idle or any other time. What could be the reason behind this?
PS: I'm taking my bike to ASC tomorrow.
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2021.10.25 04:26 axel12122003 Medication for back pain on the lowest shelf

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2021.10.25 04:26 RedBlue39 Informatii de folos
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2021.10.25 04:26 ShaykeEmDown This game is Unplayable on the Console atm

Since the Halloween event happened my game has had multiple times where the game didn't load and even when I got into a game it's been worse. Many times after I've hit a survivor they're character on my screen runs into a wall and just stands there when in reality they are actually long gone from the chase multiple times where survivors were invisible on the exit gate and gens. times where after I've downed a survivor it won't allow me to pick them up and many times where a survivor on hook is saved that there character model t poses on the hook and makes it unusable idk what to do
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2021.10.25 04:26 maper741 u good?

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2021.10.25 04:26 Gullpriest Bunch of picrews I did when I was bored.

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