Praise Todd Howard

2021.12.05 06:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.05 06:14 8pointfouroz How did your pitte come into your life?

The first time I met our pittie I was sitting on my porch with my youngest eating some grilled chicken. I heard foot steps of a dog and figured it was our lab because she was out with us too. I looked down and she was sleeping under the table. Then I felt a wet nose bump my elbow from behind. I looked back and there she was! She stood there, tail wagging looking right at my chicken lol. I pet her a bit and then gave in. She took very gentle. 5 minutes later my neighbor from a ways down the road pulled in the driveway and called her name. She would cone up and visit occasionally, play with our lab and my kids. Always very sweet. Fast forward about 6 months and her owner offered her to us with tears in her eyes because she had to move and the town she was moving to had banned them. We took her in without a question, and she's become a big part of our family. She's just a big goofy cuddler, but she does need to be kept separate from our rabbits.. she really really wants to end them lol.
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2021.12.05 06:14 AlwaysAgitated19 Could someone kindly help? I didn't post the top, as I've read different information...but the long strip had 5 bubbles tightly knit together like a butterfly. I don't know if it can be seen...but before I flushed it I saw a paw, and something that looked like a full body with wings...thank you!!

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2021.12.05 06:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.05 06:14 modassistente Portugal, Angola: O cerco aperta às empresas de Isabel dos Santos [assinantes]

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2021.12.05 06:14 frofrop Apoo Season

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2021.12.05 06:14 Hurinj Solidity web3 dev to be part of a project on AVALANCHE

GM. I developped a small project on Avalanche, it aims to create a staking idle game of Pirates + small PvP of ship battle. TortugaCoin is a token available on TraderJoe. A mint of 350 NFTs Ships is also coming in December.
I am almost alone on the project and made almost everything by myself. I need people to join the team to help me in different parts and take some responsabilities, propose ideas ... About money, we can decide on a % of the upcoming mint phase, % of the Token supply ...
website :
twitter :
tg :
Thank you.
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2021.12.05 06:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.05 06:14 Aceinalator My 5 year love story

This is my Story of me and someone special, but by the time I'm making this we Broke up the Day before, so here it goes
August 20,2016 - Sophomore year has just started and the year starts off with me being single but with a good group of friends, I was with them every day and hung with them alot, I played football as well and that was starting, 1. English, 2. Health, 3. Study Hall, 4. Science 5. math, Lunch, 6. Drafting and 3d design, 7. Psychology 8. Another study hall, and I get to 4th period, Science class, after a seating chart was made I realize I have a few friends around me and nothing special happens, I go through the rest of the day and that was it.
September 1, 2016 - I'm in my Study Hall class and it's study hall early in the morning and I start looking around, and I see her...sitting on the other side of the room, light black jacket, short small and skinny, beautiful brunette hair, and that's when I knew I liked her, the bell rang and I tried to get to her but she was zooming out of there lol, so I go to science and as I'm walking by I notice her locker is right outside science, I saw her changing out books, but because I wasn't mentally prepared to talk to her I went into class and sat down, then she comes through the door, it was at this point where I saw she doesn't smile alot, bags under her eyes, and it look like she was crying, I felt bad, then once again she sat on the on the other side of the room, and I would glance over at her to get a better look, then before the end of the class, I look over one more time and I catch her looking at me.
September 26, 2016 - We have been looking at each other in the study Hall and science classes, and on this particular day my science class was making a new seating chart, so when I got there, I made sure I was like a teachers pet lol, the science teacher, asked if I could do the seating chart, my heart raced and I said yes, so I got to do a seating chart on one of those promethean boards, I knew her name which we will call her CC, her nickname, anyway I made it so that she was sitting sitting in front of me, and a few of my friends around me as well, but sadly I don't mister up the courage to talk to her for 2 weeks.
October 8, 2016 - after school I go to Facebook and find her name, I message her..."Hey?" And a few hours later I get a message back from her, we started talking and turns out she is in a relationship, but a bad one.This guy would not let her talk to her friends unless he is there and would always supervise her phone so that she wasn't talking to anyone, idk how he didn notice me but idk.
March 28, 2017 - (Also this day is my birthday)CC and I have been talking for awhile in text and In school, turns out this guy she is with raped and rapes her alot, and I feel so bad for her that I tell her she needs to break up with this guy or it will not end well for him or you, and I'm not gonna let him touch you anymore, I confront him about it, now this is guy is not normal, he is a twig has anger issues, long hair and knifes, I'm more of a stronger guy I work out and play football I'm a bit taller than him, well at lunch I go up to him and CC and her friends are all around, I tell him to leave CC alone and he said I can't tell him what to do, I'm not asking, after everything you have done to her you should be in jail or in the ground, but that isnt my decision, CC asked and begged me not to hurt him, so I said I won't do anything unless he touches you or comes after me, which is what happened I was 3 feet away from him with CC in the middle, when I noticed he had one hand reaching for something in his back pocket, I tell CC to move out of the way and as I do he pulls a pocket knife on me, I push siadie out of the way and next thing I know a knife is in my stomach, and my fight or flight response kicks in I elbow him and knock him up against the wall he swings and hits me but it didn't phase me, I grab him by the neck with my left hand and I start beating him senseless to the point where my knuckle was like an operating table, with blood running down his eye, ears nose and mouth, I get pulled off of him by some teachers, turns out one of CCs friends went to get a teacher, we both go to the hospital and he gets suspended for the maximum amount of time and I get detention for 10 days, turns out teachers didn't believe he the story of what happened...
April 1, 2017- CC has left him and told me she wants to be with me, I tell her I want to as well but give it a few days so its not a rebound and we wait but for the first time ever she got to actually live, I saw her smile and laugh with people and start enjoying everything, it was the best feeling in the world.
April 19, 2017- CC and I start dating and it was amazing I got to her to laugh,smile, and took her on a date as well lol, before she told her parents we were dating she told her fam I was a gay guy who was taking her to a birthday party lol. Life was good.
July 28, 2017- The day I lost my V-card, she told me she had these feeling for me, and wanting to have sex with me so bad, so I caved in, I agreed, so we had my house to ourself and I wanna say it was the perfect night of sex but it wasn't lol she got on top of me and after about a minute we stopped because I didn't know what to do really, she said it was ok, but we're trying again another day
August 7, 2017 - Today was the perfect night for Sex, we both were ready, as we were sitting on my living room couch, in shorts and a t-shirt, she was sitting next to me, she was wearing a crop top and booty shorts, my dad announced that he was going into Litchfield to get some groceries, and as soon as we heard the car drive away, we started kissing and I was grabbing her boobs kissing down to her neck, while she was rubbing my cock and grabbing and squeezing it at the same time, as I got to her next she started moaning from my kisses, as I move her shirt and bra strap out of the way, she proceeds to grab her shirt and bra and pull them off at the same time, revealing a beautiful pear of tits, C cup and perfect, I went back to kissing her neck and her boobs when she then pushed me back against the couch and forced my shorts and boxers off of me, as she was moving them down, my cock shot out of my boxers and literally slapped her in the face, she laughed and I laughed, she proceeded to grab my cock with her left hand and started stroking It up and down slowly, while I would be kissing her neck, my left arm wrapped around her on her left tit and my right hand on her legs to vagina, she then told me to put my hand on her head, I did what she said and she proceeded to give me the best Blowjob I have ever had, she took half of my Cock into her mouth, before using her tounge on me in the most wildest ways, she knew what she was doing, she then went up and down slowly twisting her tongue around my shaft as she went and using her left hand to jerk the lower part of my member and grab my balls, soon I couldn't get enough and was about to bust in her mouth, when she got up from that position on the couch and onto the floor in front of me, grabbing her tits she put them around my pulsating cock and gave me a titjob, I couldn't last much longer I was gonna cum, her boobs were soft and warm and she was going at a perfect speed as well, up and down squeezing her tits on me, I told her i was gonna cum any second, she said you can cum whenever I don't mind, so I sat back and got ready to bust, and as she moved her boobs up and down I came and after the first bit of cum got on her face the rest all over her tits and neck, and it felt amazing, she told me she wasn't finished yet, I said to lay back on the couch, while grabbing her and pushing her onto the couch I notice she got her shorts of and only had a g string on, as she lay on the couch I start kissing her stomach down to her pussy, I use my tongue on her in the best way I can, it was hard to tell cause I never done it before, but up and down and deeper I went, this went on for 7ish minutes ntil she came as well, and at that moment my cock was hard again and she pushed me down onto the couch and got on top of me, and slid her pussy against my cock, I told her I wanna put it in, and she said I'm waiting for you, so as she was moving up and down it I pushed my cock inside her and we both moaned and she almost immediately started rocking back and forth on it and God did it feel good, she moved her hips in a way where it was almost in natural, the feeling of pleasure washed over me the warmth from her insides the feeling of me filling her up, it was almost to much, she got off of me and laid on her back, telling me to fuck her silly, I got over her are eyes locking into one another, as I inserted my dick we moaned again, laughing to because we didn't see each other moan yet, as I pushed myself deeper into her her moans got louder and her hands squeezing into me, I started moving at a slow speed, deeper and deeper on each thrust, until I was at a fat speed and her tits were bouncing like an anime girls, her moans and all kinds of sounds, the warmth and all my feeling kicking in as I pushed her and I to our limit thrusting deep into her and then she wanted to switch to Doggystyle, so I slowed and agreed, she got into her position arms on the edge of the couch her tits hanging on the edge, her back perfectly arched, and he ass right there, I never seen anything like it before, I grab it it as one cheek it bigger than my hand, it's soft and it feels good, I move close and put my dick on top of her ass and I then moved down to her pussy and moved my tip through her lips of it, with her begging me to put it in, as I stared at her, her back with perfectness down to her as, I shoved it in and immediately she started shaking, she said it's ok and continue, turns out I hit her g spot and she came instantly, I pushed in and out faster and deeper, her juices flowing out on my cock and onto my couch, I pushed my body up against her, grabbing her hair as well, sex never got better than this i thought, I pulled her up to me pounded her while I whispered I love you so much, and she turned her head facing me, her face in sweat staring into my eyes, I see this girl and I think I wanna spend the rest of my life with her, she kisses me telling me I love her to, as I go back to pounding her I tell her I'm gonna cum soon, she says go ahead I'm in birth control, so I get closer and closer to my limit, her legs shaking, us in sweat the sound of clapping fills my ears along with her moans, I'm about to cum and I thrust my final thrust into her pulling her into me and holding her close as I cum deep inside her, and I didn't feel myself stopping, I was pulsating inside her and felt myself drain, I was holding her and then I told her we should shower, she said good idea, before I pulled out of her I look down and see a bunch of cum on my cock and couch l, I don't know how much I came but it felt amazing, she saw me staring at her, and she playfully backed herself into me again and said we can go again, my cock was semi hard and it got harder, I started moving again and she pushed herself back against me, but she did most of the moving she was backing up hard on my cock and in less than a minute I came again, I told her I can't do anymore, she smiled and kissed me and said it was ok, we jumped in the shower and sat back on the couch when 5 minutes later my dad got home and needed help getting groceries.
October 31, 2017- I met her family she has two brothers and one sister, all of them are autistic and her sister is partially deaf, they were nice kids and I met her family they had there issues, dad was a alcoholic and was on stage 3 heart disease, her mom couldn't hold down a job, and so many cats, over 100 cats inside a 2 story house, CCs room was upstairs, I couldn't go up there because the dad knew what we would do up there, so we rarely went up there but we hung out every day, her house my house and at school, and she came to my games, and before home games she would cheer me up by sucking and fucking me in the bus garage lol, but it was like this for awhile so next date.
April 19, 2018- 1 year anniversary and it was a good one I got her chocolates roses and a card and the most romantic and affordable date we could do, the movies and subway, but also she got me a few things as well, and later in the cinema she jerked me off and let me just say she was a wild sex craved person at the time, we watched the movie, went to subway and had a great time, we loved her and it was amazing, then her family had a falling out, mom and dad divorced after 26 years, Siadie stayed with me and my family and her family moved up to Troy IL, we lived in Gillespie area so it's about an hour away, I felt bad for her and I did all I could for her, I got into video games with her and tried to make her enjoy her time with me.
February 21, 2019- she ended up moving up to her family's because she missed them, and I said it was ok I can come up there to see you and not to worry, at the same time tho my family and I were about to lose the house, and we did, so we had to move into the Benld area and settled down on my birthday.
May 4, 2019- I graduated highschool and Siadie dropped out sadly, but I'm glad I was done with school, had amazing friends that I will never forget...
June 19, 2019- on my way home of spending the day with CC, I was driving a red grand prix, but driving along the interstate I smelt gas and small smoke coming through the vents, so I pulled over, called my dad said something was happens talk in a bit, I open my hood and a burst of flames exploded in front of the me on the engine, and in a split second of the sun's heat on my face I turned around to cool off, and when I did I got thrown to the ground and a blast of heat onto my leather jacket, I was on fire and I rolled to get it off, I turned around the entire front end of the car was on fire, and without thinking, I grabbed some water from the back of my car and dumped all of it onto the engine hoping for it to stop, it did stop but my jacket was burnt to hell, my brother ended up towing me and I had miner burns.
November 1, 2019- My family was getting to be to much from me to the point where I wanted and needed to move, so I move down to CC and her family cause they got there own place, and I was down there for 2 months before I got a new job at Walmart down in highland Illinois.
2020 to 2021- nothing major happened really, CC worked morning and I worked night, and we didn't spend alot of time together, we started to lose feelings for each other, I was depressed as hell, I missed my family but they didn't apologize yet, but slowly we were falling apart and I was trying to save us...
March 1, 2021 - CC and I moved into our own apartment, we needed our own space and her family was getting to be to much for her and I, so we stayed in highland IL, and got our own place, but that was when she told me she was demi sexually, which means that in order to holds hands to be sexual with someone she needs to have a strong physical connection with them, and I was like ok lol I'm glad I'm that guy then, and she said well yes but we need to fix us first I said ok let's do that....boy was I in for a ride
April 19, 2021 - 4 year anniversary, I got her flowers and tried to be how I was with her on our 1st year, flowers chocolates roses, and out to eat, and I got her a promise ring, I was taking it slow cause I was scared of pushing her to doing something she wasn't ready for, she didn't get me anything...
May to Dec - she stopped working, and I was paying for all the bills for 7 months, we started arguing alot and it was little stuff but she held grudges and would hold them until the end of time, I got to the point where on October 18, I was gonna kill myself, I was all ready and set up for it, and my mind was made up, I didn't have a gun but I had a sword, I knew it was gonna hurt so I was gonna chug a bunch of medicine to hopefully numb the pain then stab my right side of my body and and slice over to my left....and then my phone buzzed and it was my brother....he said hey I hope your having a good day bro, are you coming up this Friday?, I told him I'm doing ok and I will be up there....I called the suicide hotline and funny enough I didn't get an answer, I laughed until I cried feeling so lonely...I put the sword and pills up, and waited for Siadie to get home, I apologized for everything and told her how much she means to mean and how sorry I was, and I told her how I was about to kill myself....she laughed in my face and told me I would never do something like that...then jump to a week before Thanksgiving I come home from my family's, on the 19 and it's a month anniversary and I got her a ring, she wasn't to happy and said that she wanted a break...I said ok that's fine, just let's not have other people over or date until we both have our feelings fixed, then go to yesterday, I leave my family's house and get back to our apartment, where when I get to out door, we have a deadbolt lock that can only be opened from the inside, also she told me that she was gonna have the kids because her dad was going to a concert, well she unlocked the door, and said oh I didn't know you were going to be here, I have a guest's another guy...sitting at my table....I never felt so much rage in my life, but I didnt do anything stupid, I sat down and talked to them, I asked him how you met Siadie, and he said that they have been talking for 4 weeks....long story short CC said she needed to go get stuff for food and said hey do you wanna come with and I said sure, she said i wasn't talking to you, and so I left and drove angerly calling and telling anyone of my friends about this, I was so betrayed, after 3 hours I decided to go to her family's house and tell them goodbye, I told her dad that I was over and that I was here to say goodbye, and he said why? Siadie never told her dad, and as it turns out he and I go to my apartment and he tells me to stay in the car, 30 minutes later all 3 of them come out, she hugs him, and I saw them holding hands on the way down, her dad tells me a few things then the guy leaves and Siadie and her dad leave to take her dad back to his house. Now I get a message from Siadie saying we need to talk, I go no shit, so I go over there to talk to her, and I tell her that what she did was wrong and she broke my heart into so many smaller pieces and swept them under the rug, she never apologized, then I get told that her dad never went to a concert, she lied to me, and the guy was over as soon as I left on Wednesday, I left Wednesday came back Friday, I know this because my neighbors have cameras and told me today when I was moving my stuff out, that not even 10 minutes after I left, he walked up the steps to my apartment, so that leads us to now sunday December 5, 1:54 a.m, I just finished this and I move the rest of my stuff out tomorrow after work, but because both of our names are in the lease I still have to pay my half, but that's the end of my story and I would like to hear what you all think...thank you all for your time, also the guys name is chris hinton
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2021.12.05 06:14 tazz_rawrr My defense for why generations 6 and 8 aren't actually bad. They are just misrepresented. And that the problem lies in an entirely different department.

Aight so this is probably going to be a long post. Now I know most people don't like gens 6 and 8. And maybe for solid reason. But I am here to discuss why I think they are pretty good games and they do what they were meant to do.
I believe gen 6 was the biggest leap GameFreak had to make in terms of game development but also the most passionate they ever were for the franchise since gen 2. They really did put their hearts out for the game. And this is clearly witnessed from how beautiful the landscape and environments are in X and Y. Everything from Lumiose City to Parfum Palace to Shalour City is just amazingly designed. Pokémon sprites are now 3D and we even have sky battles. And then to top it all off we get to have fan favorite Pokémon in newer forms as mega evolutions. BUT unfortunately with all the good in these games there's also the bad. The story although started off well with Lysandre's concept of eternal beauty just fell off by the end and became really boring. The rivals were all unique but thats where it ended. They were just too one dimensional. And for the games that introduced the concept of mega evolutions the world just didn't have anyone who utilized that powerup. Barely any characters ever mega evolved their Pokémon.
But you know what. The best part about this gen is that all the issues with X and Y are fixed with OR and AS. The remakes bring flying on Latias/Latios across the entire fricking region. That is the most revolutionary change Pokémon has ever had, period. The story is amazing with the Delta Episode added on. Yes the Battle Frontier is missing but we have online battles now. And mega evolution finally feels like it actually has a place in the world where strong trainers actually utilize this power up for their teams. That's most of it for generation 6.
Now comes generation 8. This gen is the beginning of the introduction of open world mechanic to the Pokémon franchise. And tbh I think it does it pretty well. The overworld Pokémon really make the world pop out and feel alive. I felt this even more after playing BDSP. The world in SwSh really feels alive. And this is further witnessed by how amazing gym battles feel in these games. The OST and the crowd cheering make you feel like you are present in that battle. But again, these games too suffer from a boring/repeated storyline and lack of a difficulty curve. The supporting characters all have good personality but present little challenge to the player. The final "villain" barely qualifies to be a villain and it just shows that the devs tried to take a philosophical approach to the story but failed miserably. And eternatus was an addition with zero significance in the story.
The hype for SwSh was also further killed by the announcement of the Dexit. Considering that these games came to a massively successful home console along with an increased price tag of $60 and following one of the least interesting games called USUM, the negative feelings towards these games just couldn't die down. In fact once after release people found out that it had the same flaws in difficulty and story that the generation 7 games had, it only added fuel to the fire. But I believe quite a bit of this was fixed by the release of the DLC pack. There was a bit of additional story with two completely open world areas and the ability to have Pokémon follow you around in the world.
So yea, I gave my feelings for these two generations. But what do I want to even convey. I guess what I am trying to say is that the games aren't really that bad. But that there still is a problem inherent with the developers and the audience. As I stated that the second installments in the franchise both times fixed or at least tried fixing what was wrong originally. It means they either acknowledged the flaws post release or what I like to believe is that they were aware of the problems but decided to include its solution in the next release in the franchise. I think the major issue that caused this is the yearly release of Pokémon games. The games always suffer in one area only to excel in the other robbing fans from enjoying a complete game. The problem with the fanbase is that we, now 10 to 20 years older compared to when we first fell in love with the franchise now expect it to still be challenging to us. And we tend to have very high expectations from a primarily children's game.
There are definitely ways to fix this. Stopping with the yearly release schedule for one. And letting us choose a difficulty option for the second. But these aren't the only problems with the franchise and neither the only solutions. I will leave that for another post for another day.
Nothing I have written here is new. I just never saw it all in one place. And I had quite a lot of time at work today to make a lengthy post like this so that maybe I can convince some of us here that the games aren't becoming worse than what they were. GameFreak wants to take the game in a different direction while simultaneously we are growing up. Inherently we all still love Pokémon and it still is the same game. Both sides only need to change their perspectives a little bit.
What do you guys think? Anything is welcome. Personally I feel generation 6 has the best games in the franchise only because of how amazing the world feels. But maybe you like gen 5 more. Or gen 2.
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2021.12.05 06:14 Asphalt-GamerZ Pls do a clan update

the game is starting to be boring and we need an update. I have an idea about a Clan updates where we can share resources and friendly battle each other to test our defenses kinda like the friend simulation system
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2021.12.05 06:14 TFM_Jeff KINGDOM: TWO CROWNS w best boy Steve Spohn!

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2021.12.05 06:14 Misanthrophia She's serious about that

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2021.12.05 06:14 jobsinanywhere “I don’t think it’ll be easy”

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2021.12.05 06:14 TrainerNeski Returning player

So I decided to loggin, decided I'd have a look around. I am at a lose of what todo. It's very overwelming.. haha
Last time I logged I was for achelogoy and I noped out of that after a week or so.. before that no idea.
I'm 9 days off 15year Cape and my stats and actual time played don't represent this... haha
Stats here -
Quest Points low...
Money low...
Any guidance would be great, thanks!
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2021.12.05 06:14 blogs_bunny Why France faces so much anger in West Africa #France #France #paris #Africa #Africa #Burkina #BurkinaFaso #WestAfrica #WestAfrica #London #President #UN #African #IvoryCoast #French #Critical #Mali #Mali #Sahel #EmmanuelMacron #EmmanuelMacron #jihadist #2012 #November

Why France faces so much anger in West Africa #France #France #paris #Africa #Africa #Burkina #BurkinaFaso #WestAfrica #WestAfrica #London #President #UN #African #IvoryCoast #French #Critical #Mali #Mali #Sahel #EmmanuelMacron #EmmanuelMacron #jihadist #2012 #November submitted by blogs_bunny to blogsbunny [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 06:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.05 06:14 nhslplqae Join the Vip teen leaks Discord Server!

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2021.12.05 06:14 BlackJack085 Every Time ... 💯

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2021.12.05 06:14 PkrToucan Are ICO's still around?

Haven't really been looking at buttchain events for the last two years or so. Have they just died off as everybody began to understood what kind of a scam it is or did all of the cryptobros moved to "defi" and NFTs?
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2021.12.05 06:14 GNGVir Amon the Undying Final Fantasy XIV

You can complete FF14 Amon the Undying Boss Fight following this video guide.
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2021.12.05 06:14 kymertau С международным днём волонтёра! Поисковому отряду Лиза алерт - наши отдельные поздравления!

С международным днём волонтёра! Поисковому отряду Лиза алерт - наши отдельные поздравления! submitted by kymertau to Pikabu [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 06:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.05 06:14 MalachiteDragoness Linen cover techniques

Hello, I am wanting to make a notebook with an embroidered linen cover. How might I go about doing this? I’d imagine I’d need some other cover in between and to tread the linen as a sort of dust jacket stitched or glued in place? If so, how should I attach it and what should I use for the cover itself? The embroidery will be in wool.
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2021.12.05 06:14 returnfire123 Any resources for preparing for a charity CEO interview?

Hi. A friend has an interview coming up for a charity CEO here in the UK. It’s the first time she is applying to be a CEO.
The interview will be a panel of 3 trustees of the charity.
Do you know of any resources that could help her prepare for the interview?
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