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What qualifies someone as a “night owl?”

2021.12.05 06:13 PurelyCandid What qualifies someone as a “night owl?”

I thought I was a night owl because I like to stay up until 1 or 2 am. And wake up around 10 am. But I am so surprised that people here don’t sleep until 5 am! So what qualifies someone to be a night owl?
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2021.12.05 06:13 advisoryexcellence Cheer on the little guy on Small Business Saturday

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2021.12.05 06:13 QueenofthaNorth How do they make it so good?

Greek pizza places always have the best marinated chicken. Does anyone know the secret? It’s always so flavorful and tender
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2021.12.05 06:13 Sportsdude25 #Raiders RB Josh Jacobs (ankle) and WR DeSean Jackson (calf), both of whom are listed as questionable, are expected to play today barring a setback vs WFT, source said.

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2021.12.05 06:13 vertigosaltwater NEW ≥ GTOET MAGAZINE

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2021.12.05 06:13 fallenfalk Someone wrote yesterday ”Don’t buy the dip” when it was at 0.54 so i bought alot. I think that guy Will have some regrets.

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2021.12.05 06:13 jakkkmotivator The More SHIB Falls The More Whales Are Adding Shiba Inu Tokens To Their Wallets

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2021.12.05 06:13 bohooo12854 Deadline for LORs at UC Berkeley?

Applying to a graduate program at UC Berkeley, the deadline for the application is December 8, after sending the invite emails to recommenders, how much time is given to the professors to respond and submit their LOR?
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2021.12.05 06:13 GrimmNat28 What does this song look like in terms of colors?

This is for an art project where we are supposed to associate colors with a certain song. If possible limit yourself to around 5 colors!
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2021.12.05 06:13 KIERONOO Dragoon health halved

I’m a level 73 dragoon with 333 gear score and was at 35k health now I’m 15k. I assume this is part of balance changes and they also they also adjusted enemy damage? I just want to make sure as it’s pretty jarring
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2021.12.05 06:13 March_Explorer V city 新地新界西的霖爸溫商場

V city 新地新界西的霖爸溫商場 V city 新地新界西的霖爸溫商場


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2021.12.05 06:13 definitely_svertfin who is this

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2021.12.05 06:13 tanashah privaSEE

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2021.12.05 06:13 supremesomething “Cardinal”

Just wanted to drop another piece of evidence for future investigations. Of Havana Syndrome or whatever.
When everything started for me, in October-November 2013, Sunnyvale, CA, one day I saw, out of the void, two new WIFI networks around my house: FBI and “Cardinal”. It got my attention because I had recently decided to investigate cryptocurrencies big time. I was now a bit jealous of my friend Mircea (still cannot believe he is now gone), who, even though less technical IMHO, had been dabbling in cryptocurrencies for a long time.
Anyway, soon thereafter I noticed a high end car (it was an expensive Mercedes I think) parked right in front of my window office at Microsoft, making sure I could see the front license plate: “Cardinal”.
There you go. Circumstantial evidence, as usual, with these criminals.
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2021.12.05 06:13 TEAMTED4 Need 2 friends for quest

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2021.12.05 06:13 shreyanshg19 Do you think aliens exist?

View Poll
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2021.12.05 06:13 alphablock23 does latency value have an impact on the ram when upgrading with 2 different kit ?

Hi ,
I have a question regarding the difference between the latency value from a kit with the same spec . I want to upgrade my ram to have 32go with the "same" kit , corsair vengeance lpx but i notice the latency value are a bit different between both kit the one i have CL16 (16-18-18-36) and the one i want to buy have CL16 (16-20-20-38) . Does the small change in value have a big impact since the kit are the same and the one i want to buy is 20euro cheaper than the one i have and will i be able ot use xpm to have both kit a 3200mhz .
Have a nice
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2021.12.05 06:13 Jesus_thatsme Is modeling clay ok for a crestie enclosure? Also, can i say he/she is a dalmatian?

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2021.12.05 06:13 pLifer ChocolateRayne's semi detailed guide to starting out (LOOOONG Post)

Hello! I am ChocolateRayne in game, and I've been playing for a bit. One question that pops up a lot in general chat, and in my guild (Palebloods, we're only level 21, but we're also newbie friendly, as many players haven't even finished second rebirth!) Is HOW DO I START? WHAT SHOULD I FOCUS ON? Is there any guide that will help me learn? While the short answer is "Yes, head over to the VFO Analysis discord", I felt I could leave a text based guide here to get you to the meat and taters of the later stages of the game. Head there once you have the basics, and they have detailed guides into what gear you should focus on once you get strapped up. If you're serious about this game, there is no better resource. This is just another place to get you started and get you going. Shall we begin? Let's do this. This will be long, so grab a snack, and a glass of Apple juice.
You're fresh to the game, you've barely started, and you don't know what weapon to pick. What do you do? The simple answer is "pick whatever weapon type you like the most", be it slashing for heavy swings, piercing for its FP regen, or Blunt for its chance to stun, the choice is yours. There are a few more advanced types, such as bleeding, poison, and magical, but let's stick to the basics for now.
Whatever type of weapon you choose, focus solely on that type of weapon, and use only one. Your other "weapon" slot will be filled with a shield. Even with a basic shield, your chances of survival go up significantly, and it makes your life so much easier. Dodge and Evasion don't stack additively, it's more like a multiplicitive factor. If you fail your dodge, your shield has a chance to catch it before your face does.
Next, let's talk equip load. If you are carrying more than half of your equip load, you will suffer a penalty to your dodge. This is done based on a percentage of your dodge, so you could put on a slightly lighter piece of equipment, with More dodge on it, and suffer a larger penalty to your dodge. This isn't important right away, but it will be a factor later (or better non factor much later with blunt builds, I won't go that far though, just know it is a thing for stunning later to have high equip load, but ONLY later.) Since we are just starting, don't worry too much about your equip load, but it will slowly become a factor even in the early game. There is gear and bloodlines that assist with carrying more weight, such as capes and necklaces, so don't be afraid to look at it if you're suffering a large penalty to your dodge in the mid-early game. You're not Havel (yet), dodge that crap!
You've selected your weapon, you've done a few quests, and now you leveled up. What comes next? What do you do with your levels?
bloodlines, abilities, and learning how to take less damage while dealing more
You've leveled up 1 to 8 times, and you don't know where to put your points in bloodlines or abilities, what do you do?
The first place you should look is Deceit. Put your first points into maxing the dodge required points to do anything in the tree, then max block. That 11% shield now will block 30% of all attacks they make it through your dodge, saving you approximately 1 in 3 attacks that you would have otherwise eaten, and most early weapons are dingy, rusted, and otherwise broken, all of which don't taste good.
Next, still staying on the deceit tree, we are going to put in points into the FP regen from dodging skill, but only enough to unlock the next skill, which is more dodge. Max that out like you're a gold digger with a platinum rewards card. This will make you unbelievably tanky early, dodging or blocking nearly half of all melee attacks, and we haven't put on decent gear.
There are 2 paths to go for this next part; but I recommend going the lowest part of the deceit tree, putting just enough points into equip load to unlock potion slot, and then crafting slot. The gold and exp are nicer later on, but for now, stick with the extra potion slot. The real prize is the crafting slot. We want that 3rd slot for bloodstone crafting. You will need a LOT of them, hundreds to thousands, so make sure you're always crafting them, we'll talk more about those later.
After getting that crafting slot, focus on the vitality tree, getting the required max health, then required max FP, then max out FP regen per turn. FP generation is one of the biggest and best forms of damage generation, because all of your combo turn attacks require lots of FP, and being able to generate enough FP to hit that mob with your heavy swing 3 times will do you one better than trying to get 20% More damage on a 15-27 damage weapon.
After that, FINALLY head to the angry video game tree, Max the base damage required skill, and then dump points into your primary weapon, into max FP, and starting FP, depending on which you feel is more important. After that, you'll want range block and dodging death. Ranged can be moved earlier, but I don't recommend it until after you max your damage type. You're dodging attacks like Wesley Snipes dodged taxes, so the occasional ranged attack (which is what they are, occasional), shouldn't bother you early.
We've covered bloodlines, now let's talk abilities.
Abilities are moves you can do to enhance yourself, debilitate your foes, or just plain do damage. The first one to talk about, and the first one to max, is actually the first ability you get; bite.
Bite does great damage and heals you for half or more of the damage. This damage is AMAZING early, but at the cost of 45 FP. This ability will mainly be used to either execute enemies on a combo turn, or heal you for health you desperately need, but it will out damage your weapons early game. You will only get to put 10 points into it before it is maxed, so at level 11 you'll need to invest into a new ability. I KNOW I'm going to get some hate for this one, but at level 12, you should start maxing conjure.
CONJURE? DO I LOOK LIKE A MAGE TO YOU? Well, you look like a vampire, and vampires use magic, so yes! Conjure does amazing damage early, and is the basic ability for mages. With enough investment, conjure will do more damage than any early weapon, until you have a strong easthaven/mangrove weapon with max sharpen and heavy swing. Meaning non combo turns will be best to conjure, and combo it's best to swing to the heavens... Early, as long as you manage your FP well. Most enemies will die from a conjure or two anyways, so you won't need to worry about your weapon until you get to mangrove, and you should hit there around 55-60. That's a lot of levels that you don't have to worry about a weapon! You could go all in mage if you wanted as well, that is what I've been doing with my main, it's just terrible at late game and Pvp. I'm trying to keep this simple for most players, perhaps I'll run a mage guide later on!
Next, I would max Fortify, only for using it when you know you're about to take a big hit. Armor isn't super effective at reducing damage taken, but a bonus 390 armor will help reduce the damage of a large hit that you know is coming (because they have taken a different stance. Mages hold their staff in the air, trolls look like they're about to tackle you, etc.) Do This and you'll likely reduce.... about 50 damage. Nice, but that's only if you're about to take a hit, you're a few turns off from killing it, and you know you'll need to bite their butt for more health. Yes, their butt. Where did you THINK you were biting them, the neck?
After that, Max bats, sharpen, petrify, fracture and finally backstab.
OBJECTION! backstab has a chance to do up to 5 hits for only 30 FP! I hear you say. But let me ask you this: did you know that your shield has an attack? That's right! Your shield can hit an enemy, does less damage than an anorexic at an all you can eat buffet, and can take up to 4 of those 5 hits? Backstab is for the chads that are late game with 101% dodge chance and 60% ranged attack dodge. You aren't them, yet. You will be eventually, but today isn't that day. Use a shield, Max backstab last, and don't think about it.
Crafting, Bloodstones, Chests, and everything else
I've mentioned crafting earlier, and the need for bloodstones, I think now is a good time to talk in depth about it. Crafting is where you put bloodstones in the crafting area, let them cook for 8 hours, claim them, and then start cooking more. Potions? You mean those things you can buy with gold, and you have 5 inventory slots to hind them with? Yeah, don't make em. Any time spent crafting potions is time not spent crafting bloodstones. I'm making such a big deal about them, how many do you REALLY need? Well, if you're so lucky the gods will bless literally everything you do, you will need.... about 320 bloodstones. But if you're as lucky as me (and you likely are), you'll need about 1200 bloodstones to max ONE set of gear, all 10 slots. This is because the higher tiers of forging have a 1% chance of success. This is important to talk about now because it is important you keep churning out bloodstones as often as you can. Also, you CAN forge some gear to 3, but it should be the ideal gear for that slot, and only to 3. You're likely to spend 3-8 stones to get each piece to 3. Do NOT Augment gear to higher tiers. From second to third tier takes 132 bloodstones to upgrade, and it costs more for the higher grades. That's 11 days of crafting non stop with alchemist form. Do you REALLY want to spend that time when you could have just spent 500k gold in a difficulty where that much gold isn't that super hard to come by?
Is there ways to get bloodstones for FREE? Absolutely! You can find them in chests, and mobs have a 5% chance of dropping them at normie difficulty. The hardest difficulty, with the scavenger form will make stones drop at about a 10% rate. Not bad, but you'll get far more stones early by opening EVERY bloodstone chest (they have a really red aura on the chest). You should ideally open EVERY chest in the game for gold (orange/yellow aura), shards (purple aura), and bloodstones (again, red). What are shards? Shards are the currency you can buy to purchase wings, helmets, bloodstones, and more importantly; shape shifting. You can get a helmet and a pair of the best wings for free from hunting alphas, and bloodstones from crafting. But shape shifting? That's shards exclusive. The EASY way to get them is to buy them. But the objective was to NEVER spend money, what gives, Rayne? Well, you get shards from most events, doing your daily brutals (you get a chest with 120 of them for free every 7 days if you kill the daily brutal every day), your daily chest, alphas, opening overworld chests, and doing dungeons. There are so many free shards you can get, and your first and main objective is to spend 2250 for all 3 shape shifting forms. Start with Alchemist, then Shadow, then Scavenger.
Why Alchemist first? It takes an hour and a half off crafting bloodstones. Period. What else do I need to say to sell it? That it gives 10% More gold? C'mon, you KNOW that isn't the reason to get it, it's the more bloodstones route.
Scavenger sounds great with that "20% More bloodstones!" But it's a trap. That's 20% of the BASE drop rate, making it a 6% drop rate instead of a 5% at base difficulty. WOOOOOW! SO GOOD!! In infernum, the last difficulty, the bonus to base drop rate you get with the difficulty and scavenger form, it is about a 9.5% drop rate. That's actually not bad. But until you get there, you're better off getting the other two forms. There's also the bonus of 100% flee chance, but what you running from? Why are you running? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING!?!? Conjure and move on. It costs about the same amount of time, and gets you drops you can weasell. One More thing is the burning aura when you're next to chests. THIS is the reason to get it if you're wanting it. This will help you find those pesky chests, but what if I told you that you can Google a map of where all the chests are and get them that way? Wow, I've managed to negate ALL the reasons to get this form early.
Last but not least is the shadow form. This allows you to ignore wild encounters. This is great for later on when you're just trying to kill the daily brutal, as they are the only thing you can run into with the shadow form on. It's also good for running to areas and you don't want to fight everything along the way, and you can't bat potion to where you're going.
Of the 3, which sounds better? I thought so. CRAFT AWAY!!!!
Now, let's talk side quests, and why you should do them. First off, gold. Second off, exp. Gold is needed in droves to buy the best gear. But that gear, and upgrade in higher difficulties. Gear quality upgrades on painful, nightmare, and infernum difficulty. If you upgrade in painful, you'll have 3 difficulties basically you get all the gold to make your gear superior, then pristine in infernum. Get that Gold like he making 7 figures. in terms of exp, level 83 is about halfway to max level in terms of exp needed. Every exp you gain before infernum is exp exp you don't have to grind in infernum. So do the quests, kill the first set of brutals (you can kill them all up to 4 times, and you'll get more exp in higher difficulties, save them for later!) And enjoy wearing the cape of your choice. I won't explain further on brutals or familiars for now. But know that familiars are good to have, and easier to farm on harder difficulties, and brutals are a great form of exp, Gold, and gear.
I think I've covered most of the early basics, so I will stop here. Thank you so much for reading! Remember, the VFO Analysis discord has More information than this! Please, check it out!
ChocolateRayne, signing off!
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2021.12.05 06:13 cadenfn How was the chapter 3 event guys

Was the event cool i missed out on it prob gonna watch a yt vid recap
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2021.12.05 06:13 solitare_ I don't know why but any time I put on a glasses item for my character it defaults back to being tactical glasses, does anyone know a fix for this?

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2021.12.05 06:13 paolapitagora Render turns plain grey, what have I done wrong?

Hello everyone.
I'm new to Blender, I come from the donut and the envil tutorial by Blender Guru and also did some modeling pratice with Blender Acadmy on Udemy.
Anyway, I turned out to be the secret Santa for this friend of mine and I decided to try to make her a little animation.
It was working nice until yesterday, when I tried to render and it suddenly turned out plain grey.
I probably messed up when I was trying to make the lettering. I really struggled with that because I wasn't aware that transforming text into mesh would have turned it in an incredible heavy object. I have probably misclicked something while trying to fix that.
I've already tried to disable the depth of field since it wasn't linked to an object anymore but that wasn't the issue.
Hered a vid of the redering process: https://imgur.com/a/a6vXqnD
Can anyone help me?
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2021.12.05 06:13 Alex_0r Does anyone have a wlw meme that goes like "flirting with girls is so hard" "oh my god same" "btw you're so pretty" "oh thanks sis"

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2021.12.05 06:13 Hardbass906 The San Andreas Definitive Experience

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2021.12.05 06:13 magmameatballs any isekai where the mc reincarnates as a elf

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