Blursed Zorglon

2021.12.05 05:07 dartheduardo Blursed Zorglon

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2021.12.05 05:07 Officialstevie95 Ectopic heartbeats that hurt

Hi there,
I’ve been getting ectopic heartbeats for quite a while now mainly when I’m only exercising. What’s funny though is that it only appears at a certain range of bpm when exercising. This is generally when warming up for running when my heart rate is starting to properly climb up to 85%, they seem to occur around 140-145bpm only. The worst part is the PACs or PVCs actually hurt when it happens. Feels like a big BANG as my heart beat fires off in my chest and causes a weird but kinda painful feeling that can best be described like a rubber band flicking me in the chest. Just some back ground information about me.
I get bouts of chest pain regularly. Probably every day to be exact which has occurred for about 4 years. Not sure if heart related or muscle/skeletal. I’ve been to 3 cardiologists that have conducted stress testing, echocardiograms, ecgs, X-rays, 3 day holters ( which would have picked up a pvc or two ). Only thing doctors could find wrong with my heart is an incomplete RBBB and also a few years back I had LVH ( due to extreme training for soccer ) but has recently confirmed due to an echocardiogram my LVH is no longer existent and no actual evidence of such.
I am also 25 years of age about to turn 26. No one in my family has ever suffered from heart blockage or heart disease. I have no congenital heart problems. I’m so worried I have a blockage which is causing these pvcs but doctor and cardiologist said I have more of a chance of winning the lotto.
Does anyone know why these ectopic heart beats even occur? Does anyone else ever get any pain with them especially when they occur on exercise? I get lightheaded sometimes when they occur but I think that’s from the anxiety that occurs after they happen.
I feel like Im going to drop dead one day because of the pain that comes with them.
Someone please help
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2021.12.05 05:07 Coyoteous those are some insane brakes

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2021.12.05 05:07 FADIKALIL عبدالله: اختيار سمير الخطيب دليل ثقة

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2021.12.05 05:07 NerdyFanboii It's freezing our there.

It's around -39 degrees outside, Steve opens the door for the pizza guy, but instead of pizza he is greeted with a fist to his face which makes him pass out, outside in the snow. I guess you could say that he was knocked out cold.
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2021.12.05 05:07 DivideGeneral9221

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2021.12.05 05:07 Altruistic-Bread-342 fooled yet again!

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2021.12.05 05:07 FADIKALIL #عاجل . 4 جرحى في 4 حوادث سير خلال الـ24 ساعة الماضية

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2021.12.05 05:07 Specialist_Head3012 BabyShibTrillionaire | 7% BUSD Rewards for holders | Diamond Handed Community | Huge Roadmap Inludes a NFT Marketplace | CG Listing Expected!

The RICHEST in the SHIB family has arrived and stealthlaunched on the BSC! Baby Shib Trillionaire is a BSC BEP-20 token that pays 7% BUSD rewards just for buying and holding the token.
UPDATE CG FAST TRACK CONFIRMED! Expected listing on or about 11/25/21!!!
💪Strong active community!
✅ AUDITpassed with Coinscope!
🐦Consistant daily twitter giveaways!
⬆️Ranked top 10 on
🗨DEVS in VC daily
💼2% marketing
🤝100% community driven!
💎🙌 Nothing but diamond hands!
Baby Shib Trillionaire is focused on generating passive income for all, while creating a great sense of community!
10% tax on every buy and sell transaction.
💰7% rewarded in BUSD
⛲1% to LP
💼2% to Marketing
Thats 2x the BURN!
Huge roadmap milestones include
NFT Marketplace!
BST $wap!
📋Contract: 0xa679b3b578c452ce000aaa0ca47ee14d1baf5a92
Buy Here:
Renounced Ownership:
🔐Liquidity locked:
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2021.12.05 05:07 iris_aux this way im working on my time

its about me, and whats best for my purpose and spiritual journey
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2021.12.05 05:07 oli69god Gavlyn popping out bra

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2021.12.05 05:07 Shanyaram1981 Не могу войти в Twitter аккаунт

При переходе со страницы MBOX на coingecko, на аккаунт MBOX в твиттер всплывает уведомление, что моя учётная запись заблокирована. Однако это не так.
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2021.12.05 05:07 Virtual-Reach Intermittent alarm /autostart failures

Hello, I'm looking for some guidance on a particularly annoying issue. My alarm /autostart system randomly decides not to work sometimes.
Here's the hardware
-2009 dodge ram, auto transmission
-Viper alarm system (2 way, don't know the model number). Same age as the truck
-Idatalink module
The keyfob commands go through and the alarm system responds ex. Hit unlock, alarm chirps, alarm system disengages, and the doors sometimes won't actually unlock. Everything between the keyfob and the alarm system is responsive but sometimes it's like the information just doesn't make it to the trucks onboard computer. Sometimes it's like the commands from the idatalink module get put in a buffer. For example if I hit unlock three times and if the doors don't actually unlock, I'll just use my key. Quite often, shortly after the door opens, the doors will then decide to unlock and will unlock three times. Starting and stopping the truck seems to clear the issue in the short term but it's only a matter of time before it does it again. If autostart fails, the truck will go into the 'key ON' position, but the engine just won't crank.
It seems to me that the issue is the idatalink module as there seems to be communication issues between it and the truck computer. Should I replace the module or could this be a wiring issue?
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2021.12.05 05:07 Cry0nik AHAHAHAHAHA THE AMONG US LIVES

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2021.12.05 05:07 Gym_fitness9 Workout Motivation Survey

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2021.12.05 05:07 chrisduketv AirPods Max Height=SMALL

After a bunch of years with my QC35’s I figured I’d try something else. I got the AirPods Max today and WHOAH! Talk about heavy but the biggest thing is that, fully extended, they are tight on my noggin’! I mean real tight (I’m the height sense)!
I’ve had dozens of headphones over the years and have never experienced anything so tight. I extended both sides fully. Too tight. Did they design these mainly for kids? They sound great but it’s not worth the discomfort. Am I the only one who’s experienced this? How did Apple get this so wrong?
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2021.12.05 05:07 nimbic Jumping into the Mining game

I've been investing in Bitcoin for a substantial amount of time and like many of you I've seen some pretty amazing returns on my investment. I've been wanting to dive into the mining space for awhile but I move around a lot for work and I'm currently living overseas in an apartment so it's highly impractical. Currently I plan on going with the "Next Gen" bundle that Compass is offering. They are offering 6 of the S19 XPs for $13,250 each which seems like a tolerable deal. I will have to host at one of their 3rd party facilities but if things work out I should be back in the states soon and I may switch to mining on my own property after the 1st year.
The advantage I see is obviously I can start mining next fall rather than waiting another year or two until I get back stateside and settled in, and I have no idea how much more or less expensive these miners will be in the future so I don't see much point in waiting. If I have to have hardware hosted at a 3rd party facility, this seems like the best choice, and I might as well get the most efficient miners I can buy. I'm not worried about the return on investment in USD, but rather my goal is to accumulate more BTC over the long run. I realize it will take over a year before I'm at break even in Bitcoin terms, but if my miners last at least 3 years I see it as a win. I don't need the money I'm spending to purchase the miners, and I have all the time in the world to wait to see a ROI. It's unfortunate miners are so expensive right now, but the bundle deal is not going to last very much longer so it seems like I may as well go ahead and commit. I've ran the numbers with every other miner they have listed that can be set up sooner than the S19 XPs and in the long run they seem to be a little less profitable.

Any words of advice or warning? I've seen plenty of glowing reviews from people that have used Compass, but I'd love to hear negative feedback as well. I know this isn't an ideal situation, but hopefully it works out until I'm in a better situation where I can self host.
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2021.12.05 05:07 laylaakash Advice needed on 2 XR iPhones purchased off Kijiji

Hi everyone,
Here hoping someone could kindly shed some light on this issue:
I purchased 2 XR iPhones from the same seller on Kijiji for my parents. Everything looked okay, transaction done. Took them home and plugged them into my laptop, updated to latest IOS, phones restarted and screen displayed a message to the effect of: "This phone is supervised by Loblaws Staging Inc. ". After some digging around online, this appears to mean the phones belong to Loblaws. I called the seller and he said he's not sure what I'm talking about because the phones are not locked to any effect and that sorry, no refunds. I persisted to call him but after a few calls and texts I presume he's now blocked my means of contacting him (SMH at myself for forgetting to take a pic of car plate number upon meeting).
I paid $900 for both phones so I am certainly frustrated and dont know what to do. I called he closest Loblaws to me, assuming they could help or direct me and the manager had no idea what I should do, said to contact Apple. Should I do that? I'm so freaking confused and not sure what to do. I'm out nearly 1k and my parents are without usable phones thanks to me and I just want to know what to do to reset the phones so they are usable.
Does anyone know who I should contact? Anyone here work for Loblaws? or Apple?
I'm so frazzled.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks so much.
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2021.12.05 05:07 ExiledinDoha I'm not a big fan of female stand up, but this is solid.

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2021.12.05 05:07 tboskiq F**K FACE made me think I was crazy today.

So I recently decided to drink less. Still drink, just not at home. It had gotten pretty bad to a point where like Geoff there's pretty been a few years of not remembering a lot of things. Probably not as bad as Geoff as I wouldn't say I was an alcoholic, I just liked it, but still pretty bad. So decided I'll listen through the podcast again to better commit it to memory. Last night I stopped on the episode Falling as an Adult/Judge Judy Foot Massage. Well this morning when I played on Spotify it went right to the next episode and I didn't notice. It was like 2 episodes later and they're talking about eating the pencil and I'm sitting there playing game like... omg I do not remember them talking about this at all. I swear this is one of the things I remembered clearly. Did alcohol really fuck with my head that much that I like made it up? Was it in some AH video? So they keep talking about it and thank god as if the fates aligned Andrew mentions the episode they talked about the 25 double burger bet being Judge Judy Foot Massage. I picked up my phone and saw that the episode some how skipped. I couldn't think of anything more in the spirit of F**KFace feeling dumb and scared as if Krampiss is pranking me than what just happened tonight.
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2021.12.05 05:07 No-Geologist82 Anyone wanna cum get/in me?

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2021.12.05 05:07 PrincessCorndog for your information

Bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees
AeRiAl PoLLiNaTiOn
They want flowers, I can tell
The llama pair stand around the charred wolf, it smells delicious
FiRe fIrE FiRe burn it burn it burn it burn it burn it burn it burn it burn it burn it burn it burn it burn it burn it
The wand backfires, magic for burning on self turning
Creatures appear, dAmN they HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT
The wands cross and mix mid stream dream team cream of the crop fight for the top rabbits? they go hop
burn them too
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2021.12.05 05:07 jackakatem 2083: politics. We're a free speech server with memes and discussions on broad topics!

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2021.12.05 05:07 Mana_leach Blazblue out of context

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2021.12.05 05:07 southerncharm99 21 beefy bi frat bro lookin for masc buds, sc: D_colton2021

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