Roku outage leads to frozen TVs and unresponsive devices

2022.01.20 04:32 Philo1927 Roku outage leads to frozen TVs and unresponsive devices

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2022.01.20 04:32 Terminal_Willness No option to polish books?

I'm running the latest build and I want to use the polish tool to see if I can get the cover art to work for a few AZW3 files I've got but I'm not seeing the option. What's goin on? I see it's enabled in my list of plugins but I don't know how to actually use it.
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2022.01.20 04:32 GoMx808-0 Afghan women losing jobs fast as economy shrinks and rights curtailed

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2022.01.20 04:32 Stack3 Modeling without lines

I was watching this guy so some analysis and he had a typical trend line and said, "of course it can't do this forever..." And I thought, "well duh nothing does anything forever."
So why do we model it with a regression line if we know it's false? Because it's simple easy and mostly true.
But I thought, are there any modeling approaches that strictly bar linear regression? Is there anything cyclical modeling or exponentially modeling which breaks the data into a series of most likely curves rather than straight lines?
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2022.01.20 04:32 Katariarts how to make the shortcut of rubber to comeback to pen?

I like where the shortcut is made and how it works, just want to click againg and have the pencil i was using back, not having to go to look for it to draw againg. Someone knows how to do this?
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2022.01.20 04:32 Professional-Tax5400 Panther mountain conditions right now

Hello! I am planning to hike the panther mountain this weekend. I was curious to know the conditions there this weekend. I will be carrying microspikes but are snowshoes needed after the recent snowfall?
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2022.01.20 04:32 Grown-In-The-Bin 3rd grow in a bin!

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2022.01.20 04:32 Impressive-Bake-8289 Palma at night

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2022.01.20 04:32 zippi_happy Anyone diving with high myopia (nearsightedness)?

Were you able to get a medical release signed by a medical doctor? Please don't refer me to DAN. I know, they think that myopia is not an issue. Anyways doctors in my country generally think it's a contraindication for any sport activities. I answer no to all questions and can dive without a doctor's signature (there's no anything about my vision!), but if I ever will need it I would be rejected. So not really a question, I just want to hear about other people's experience. Nearsightedness is quite common.
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2022.01.20 04:32 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Arts] - Jimmy Kimmel Not Surprised by Trump Fraud Allegations | NY Times

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2022.01.20 04:32 AndyPandyFoFandy [x100f] Kodak Gold 200 vibes on the beach

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2022.01.20 04:32 americ Olen kiinnostunut retkeily/vaeltaaminen Suomessa ja pohjoismaissa mutta en ole tehty sitä nyt yli 15v. Mistä mä kannattaa aloita?

Ensin, englantia on äidinkieleni, toivottavasti mun kirjoitusvirheet ei vakavasti ärsyttää ;)
Muutin takaisin Suomeen joulukuussa. Olen kiinnostunut aloittaa kevän/kesän aikana retkeily/vaellus. Aloitan ihan nolla tavarasta, ja ajatellin että ois kiva saada tarpeeksi tavarat kahdelle hengelle.

  1. Onko suosituksia minkälaistä kertoja mä tarviin ja mistä mä kannattaa hakea niitä?
  2. Jos olisit minä, ostatko varusteet uusiksi, vai ostatko kiirparista/tori/jne?
  3. Mielelläni otan suosituksia missä mä kantsii mennä!
Kun saan tarpeeksi perus tarvikkeet (telta/makupuussi/jne), ajatellin että voin käydä nuuksiossa yöksi kokeilemaan että kaikki toimi ennen kun lähden kauempana.
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2022.01.20 04:32 Ok-War-5675 Legitimate website for PRO switch controller

Hello everyone. First post hopefully this is the right forum for this question. I live in Australia and I have recently stumbled on this website called EXPANSYS that sell Nintendo switch pro controllers and a particular one that I am after and it seems they have stock of it. Does anyone have any experience with this website and if their products are legitimate or not? Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
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2022.01.20 04:32 teenwithissues Anybody get in with a 2.5-3.0?

For reference, I applied with a 3.0. I’d say I have good extracurriculars and a great personal statement. I got accepted into Michigan State and Penn State. So, I might have a chance? (I’m In-State).
I applied to LAS - Economics as my first-choice, and political science as my second.
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2022.01.20 04:32 sanstorr bok gibi bir güne uyandım

uyanır uyanmaz online sınav vardı , yarı sarhoş sınava girdim 40 aldım ortalama 49.6 yapıyor eğer bu dersten gecemezsem amınakoyarim
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2022.01.20 04:32 AlbertAidstein Free TSD really blessed me

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2022.01.20 04:32 connor_bunn An Ostrich at the Night Café, me, oil pastel, 2020

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2022.01.20 04:32 shipping_addict What has been your best pandemic purchase?

For me it was an air purifier. I have seasonal allergies and it definitely cuts down on the amount of dust I get in my room (I live in the basement). I also like that my air purifier gives off some light noise when it’s on because it makes for great white noise when sleeping since I’ve found as I’ve gotten older that I don’t like sleeping in complete silence. I’ve also found on the rare chance I eat in my room the food smell won’t linger very long while the purifier is on which is great. I paid $94 for it (I guess on sale? Since it’s $130 for it now).
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2022.01.20 04:32 JFoz06 Springtrap

Does anybody know how to get springtrap to easily spawn without the lures
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2022.01.20 04:32 107090 How would you tastefully design a “cum-art” exhibit using neoclassicism style?

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2022.01.20 04:32 chokeurchick247 Are redcard orders at restaurants already made?

Can't find a clear answer online, ive used the red card in both situations but im still not sure if I can show up and say dd for ____ or actually place the order.
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2022.01.20 04:32 Otherwise_Being8253 MASHUP

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2022.01.20 04:32 DoctorQuincyME Cassandra Nova done

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2022.01.20 04:32 ReetD27 Where can I get a course for free with a certificate?

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2022.01.20 04:32 kaghazdivari پرده شب و روز طرح گل کد RJUL-3024

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