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Stop listening to the ones who never believed in you..

2022.01.20 05:40 gonegully Stop listening to the ones who never believed in you..

and start listening to yourself.
f it. do you. YOLO. im doing me. lfg! went where they said i couldn't did what they said i wouldn't..
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2022.01.20 05:40 michaelko77 Call of Cthulhu RPG with PBTA rule

Please recommend pbta games that are similar to CoC especially with 1920 era. I am looking for games that adhere to HPL’s cosmic horror vibe and players should be ordinary everyday people.
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2022.01.20 05:40 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.20 05:40 prodsdksdk WTS Scarlett solo 3rd gen, maschine mikro mk3, rode nt1a for sale. Dm

Dm i will throw good price and will ship,
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2022.01.20 05:40 Vincedicola [LFS] [XB1] [VoG] - Looking for help taking a less experienced team through the raid - Sat 22nd 9pm/10pm U.K time

Hi there!
I have done the new VoG a few times but the experience of my fireteam is lacking. One has never done the D2 VoG but she did the D1 version many, many times, also she is my mum
Another is relatively inexperienced having only done VoG once and he was pretty much carried and the last player is fine, she can hold her own and has done plenty of raids over many years of Destiny.
We are hoping to raid this Saturday 22nd at 9pm/10pm U.K time if any kind souls would like to help us out, we just need help to round out our team with some experienced, patient, helpful folks
We are 2 Warlocks and 2 hunters btw
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2022.01.20 05:40 chickenkatsumacsalad Kapalua Bliss XP

Kapalua Bliss XP
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2022.01.20 05:40 waqasnaseem07 Me irl

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2022.01.20 05:40 RaspingRectum Diagram of a Cairn Terrier

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2022.01.20 05:39 BedsideBaccalaureate I(21M) just friendzoned a friend(21F) who was really into me and now she won't talk to me

TL;DR: I friendzoned Carmen, now she's ghosting me. I want us to be on talking terms again but am also not sure how I feel about her right now, what should I do to make amends?
Apologies for the long wall of text, but it's necessary for me to convey as many details as possible to paint a clear picture of what has happened.
Big oofs all around. I am a 21 year old Chinese dude studying Electrical Engineering in Malaysia. Been doing online classes since 2020 so I haven't had a proper F2F social interaction with anyone outside my immediate family for a loooooooong time(does the cashier in Family Mart count? I jest of course)
Recently was in an online class with this friend(well, potentially ex-friend now) named Carmen. Bubbly and cheery, she's a ball of sunshine and fun to all that know her. I could feel that vibe through my monitor, she was that cool.
I met her when I joined this Engineering Homework WhatsApp group. It started off as a purely Homework thing, but then it morphed into a Friend group, what with all of us sharing a sense of camaraderie doing engineering homework together at 3AM.
Well, she and I hit it off immediately as pals. Same interests: vidya and anime (y'know typical nerd shit), and she's a rather sporting person, we would tease each other and talk shit as friends do. Both of us were real chummy.
One day, was lazing around in bed, when I got a message from another mate in the group, let's call her Amelia. She starts telling me about Carmen and how she's a bit concerned about her. I ask what's up? Well, according to her, Carmen's been asking around for my home address, 'cos she wanted to give me a surprise visit. A bit concerning since she lives about 800KM away from me in East Malaysia(whilst I live in Peninsular Malaysia) as well as the Covid-19 movement restrictions.
Amelia then says how Carmen was also planning a trip of sorts on my birthday. That's concerning too, as I never told anyone when my birthday was(I don't like inconveniencing others) Amelia elaborates that Carmen got my details from this checklist she obtained by asking a lecturer.
That's some weird shit. Amelia shared me picture proof too. But I didn't pay no mind to it, I just chalked it up to Carmen being really intense, y'know.
Carmen and I continue to have daily chats after that. One day I was asking her about this Calc 3 assignment we have to do, 'cos she didn't give me her part yet. She said she was procrastinating but she said I would have it by 8pm. Then, she suddenly asks me if I had anyone I liked and if I was seeing someone. At that moment I knew, Carmen was likely into me.
I said no to both of her questions, and asked her to stop lollygagging and give me her assignment. She does that "sure thing, boss" schtick, and then she says this line: "Yo ABedsideBaccalaureate, I have something I wanted to say to you for a while now" I was panicking and quickly responded, "That you are a lazy bum?" She laughed it off and went back to talking shit with me.
Then, about a week later, Carmen sends me an unprompted mirror selfie, and asks me to reciprocate. Dafuq is up with this girl, I thought to myself. I decline naturally and she gets a bit pissy. But then she says this, "Well, if you don't like my selfie, how about I send you something else ;)"
This girl ain't right, I thought. I told her to send me pics of her cat, James instead, and she obliged most graciously, though she was still annoyed at me not sending my selfie. Then we went back to friends talking random nonsense.
I decided to draw a line a few days back because I was concerned she would do something more extreme later on. I told her yesterday that we would always be good friends, and there would be nothing more and nothing less. She feigned ignorance initally, but then I pushed on and she admitted she did have a crush on me. She asked why not, I said I wasn't interested because I felt she was more of like an annoying little sister to me. Carmen said why not give it a try? I said I wanted to keep things platonic between us and declined completely. I told her that things would be weird between us if she pushed on any more. She acquiesced and said ok.
I thought that meant things would go back to status quo, but nope, she's blueticked me now. Completely ghosted me. Thankfully there's no more college assignment together. I kinda miss her though.
I like Carmen, a lot. As a friend. She looks cute. Her personality's great, she has the same hobbies as me, and her family's rather well off. People around me have been calling me a fool for not wanting to date Carmen, including my parents.(She went around telling others and my peers also told my parents SMH). They have been chastising me, telling me to just give her a chance, see where it goes. Telling me not to toy with a maiden's heart(She wanted to send me NUDES, maiden my ass), telling me to make amends with her.
I am not asexual, but I just don't see Carmen romantically right now. She deserves better tbh. I just wanna be pals, this is the first time I have a lady friend that's cool af but I gone ahead and goofed it up.
Not too sure what I am feeling right now. Any idea what I could do to mend things?
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2022.01.20 05:39 Bon32 Why do people say “not financial advice” after literally telling someone financial advice?

Like i get it, you don’t want to be blamed if things go south. But you are advising others on how to spend their money, wich is giving financial advice. It’s not like advice is this holy thing that has to be 100% right all the time. The advice can be wrong and that’s just perfectly normal and the person who received it knows the risk. Why not instead just say “but it’s your call” “do some more research before buying” etc?
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2022.01.20 05:39 Gkantem Bam

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2022.01.20 05:39 Voltage-Gamingz Does anyone have any suggestions on a good replacement for Evil twins trouble sunny? Trying to find one!

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2022.01.20 05:39 Taxdaranga Ruins my day

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2022.01.20 05:39 Faithismyname08 Window to heaven, Sana'

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2022.01.20 05:39 shacqtus A foggy hike [Pentax MX + Ilford HP5 + self developed/scanned]

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2022.01.20 05:39 Milkymanner71 free bobux

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2022.01.20 05:39 HistorianSuccessful3 BMTH wedding songs

Do you think there are any good wedding songs from BMTH that could be used for a first dance or an exit?
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2022.01.20 05:39 strongwill573 Brain Game

This is for the very first time after so long. That my brain tells me the everything related to nofap is useless. And some craving is there. Not an porn addict but images. I mean used to do imo. Now it's been around 130 days with just 2 relase. And 86th day with no relapse.
My brain is really trying hard. I also haven't seen any girls pic in last 10 to 12 days.
Help guys. Why is it happening.
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2022.01.20 05:39 pauldtimms The camp was in the hands of SS Untersturmfuhrer Heinrich Wicker he had overseen the evacuation of slave laborers from Aussenkommando Hessenthal and the survivors of the “Kochendorfer Todesmarsch” to KZ Dachau. Wicker was in charge of “KG Süd”, a 250 man unit formed from KZ guards from other camps.

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2022.01.20 05:39 RealBobcatGoldthwait Help finding an artist...

I remember being in some museum years ago (can't remember where), seeing these huge paintings depicting fantasy cities full of MASSIVE pieces of architecture. Sort of looked neoclassical, colors like The Death of Socrates. You'd see building that looked like the Pantheon and realize that standing next to it at the base, maybe a twentieth the width of a column of marble, was a man walking by.
Does this ring any bells for anyone? I would appreciate any help tracking these paintings down. I would like to see them again -- perhaps also buy a print someplace. Thank you.
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2022.01.20 05:39 mshamirtaloo Best Quote of the Day!

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2022.01.20 05:39 ReeDubDanny ytoob ckidz R soemthimg ells

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2022.01.20 05:39 monki_tribe_leader monkey enjoying the weather

monkey enjoying the weather
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2022.01.20 05:39 Yasuke97 Changing sensitivity

Do you think its good to change the sensitivity from time to time? I mean like from 0.3 to 0.25. Not much but a bit.
View Poll
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2022.01.20 05:39 misato_is_mommy What fictional sword do you like to use?

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