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2022.01.20 04:30 Extension_Memory4820 LF: R5 CINNABAR SPINDLE

Listen up, I missed the albedo event, I'm going to save up for albedo rerun no matter how long it takes. I JUST WANT THE SWORD PLEASE. I love albedo a lot, I can wait for his rerun but I don't have the sword SO IM WILLING TO TRADE MY ASIA XIAO ACCOUNT FOR JUST THE R5 CINNABAR SPINDLE(asia male traveller ofc). please I love albedo a lot. event characters have reruns but event specific weapons don't please understand
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2022.01.20 04:30 esshtuur OG fans, how did you discover this band????

Chase Atlantic is becoming so popular, especially on TikTok. For those fans that new of their music prior to 2018, how did you discover it? I wish I could've discovered their music earlier, so please tell me your experience!
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2022.01.20 04:30 xTheAria Ich kahn Matte 🤓🤓➕➖➗✖️

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2022.01.20 04:30 kufeenamu Finally! Indigo next 😌💰

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2022.01.20 04:30 catbarfs For those suffering from hair loss...

Firstly: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.
If you're experiencing Lamictal hair loss I highly HIGHLY recommend getting your iron levels checked and supplementing if needed. I was losing hair by the handful since starting lamotrigine and 14mg/day of iron has completely stopped it in its tracks. I also take a quality collagen protein every day which I believe helps too.
Do your own research and talk to your doctor. My psych laughed me off when I brought up the hair loss, told me that's not a side effect and said I was probably losing my hair because of age -- I'd just turned 40. I know many of you have had a similar experience with unsympathetic psychs. I have very thick hair and it was horrifying how much was coming out in the shower, I knew there's no way that was happening just because I turned 40. The last straw was when I rubbed my eye and several eyelashes were stuck to my finger. After getting bloodwork done at my PCP to check for other issues (thyroid especially) and everything coming back in the normal range I added iron to my supplement stack and almost immediately noticed my eyelashes were fuller, within a month I had little to no hair fall beyond the normal amount everyone has each day. Today when I showered I had single digit hairs come off in the shower and only a couple when I combed out my damp hair post shower. I've been taking iron for 2 months now I think.
Idk if it's OK to share which iron I take but it's Healthy Blood from vitamin code, I like it bc it's gentle on the stomach (and apparently works!!!). Recommended dose is 2x/day, I only take 1.
Sharing with the hope that this might help those of you struggling with this awful side effect like it has helped me.
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2022.01.20 04:30 AffectionateBobcat76 Local reporter hit live on air

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2022.01.20 04:30 CKsTechnologyNews Sophisticated cyber-attack targets Red Cross Red Crescent data on 500,000 people

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2022.01.20 04:30 Antique_Chocolate602 Dog owners help! What king of dog is he? We thought beagle at first but there’s no way. He’s the size of a beagle but may be a little bigger, and he’s 7 months.

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2022.01.20 04:30 nodebags Looking Back At Time

When a date comes up on screen when you watch a youtube video and see when it was uploaded or see when something got posted like a news article, like October 10, 2012 or something, do you ever feel / remember what your life was like back then? Is it just me or ESFPs too?
I might be openly admitting something personal so I'm partially dying inside as I post this.
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2022.01.20 04:30 aDivineShoe My girl is on illegal substances...

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2022.01.20 04:30 0utlawshypixel orange, pink and colbalt setup

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2022.01.20 04:30 JJNash3719 Creatine and sprinting? Any real benefits?

Is their any real benefits of taking creatine for sprints and it increasing performance? Been taking for around a month now should I notice any difference on my first track meet back in around a month and a half?
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2022.01.20 04:30 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Judges reveal why Novak Djokovic had to miss Australian Open | CNN

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2022.01.20 04:30 MisterPaintDude WIP Wrestling Ring :)

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2022.01.20 04:30 nostalgiaisunfair What was the gift you got your SO for your first Valentine’s Day?

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2022.01.20 04:30 gevors_e92 Wide Booty Cheeks Wednesday!! Gotta represent my people as well.

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2022.01.20 04:30 Mission_Alfalfa_6740 Any Boomer expats relocated? We heading there for the summer. Avenida Republica 3 area.

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2022.01.20 04:30 Slothnazi Golden age post-Elliott

Mid-20s and been a fan for 8 years or so. I don't know if it's my naivety or what but I feel like the amount of Elliott content has exploded in the past 5-10 years even after his death almost 20 years ago.
From the massive amount of recordings on the archive, remastered self-titled for the 25th anniversary, acoustic heatmiser set from early 90s, and the grand mal recordings.
I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has put effort into sharing his timeless music.
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2022.01.20 04:30 angladi 4 baby girl crying to gummy bear song - the original gummy bear video

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2022.01.20 04:30 Goobersniper No title required

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2022.01.20 04:30 AshenRaveesha I hope that the 5 guys who see this like my petite body 💕

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2022.01.20 04:30 cutecouple20022 28f married

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2022.01.20 04:30 jacobzhu95 拯救鼠鼠,从我做起

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2022.01.20 04:30 Andythefuckingapple Is it ok if mechcon chills in your house

I Andy can't take care of him so keep him safe until I come back
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2022.01.20 04:30 Hotmensex Abrí más la boca así te entra la pija🍆

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